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Whatever your need, we can provide. From SwimSpas for training and rehabilitation to Hydropool Hot Tubs in the UK for hydrotherapy and relaxation to enjoy with friends and family, we’ll surpass your expectations.

Self-cleaning Hot Tubs

Enjoy your hot tub without the worry of cleaning. our technology cleans 100% of the water every 15 minutes.

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Serenity Hot Tubs

The worlds only hydroclear PureWater Hot Tub.

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Swim Spas

Inspired by NASA technology means your Swim Spa is 26% more efficient than our competitors.

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Premium, No Compromise.

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For the latest news, advice, tips and insights into hot tubs and swim spas, the Hydropool Surrey blog is the place to be.

10 Things You Should NEVER do in a Hot Tub

Hot tubs are a haven of relaxation. They can ease anxiety, soothe sore muscles and provide the ultimate way to entertain and spend time with friends and family. There is much to enjoy in a hot tub, but there are also some things you should never do, because if you’re going to get the most out of your home spa, it’s essential you stay safe. So read on as we share our experts’ advice on the top things you should NEVER do in a hot tub.

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Can Babies go in Hot Tubs, and Other Child Safety Considerations for Home Spas

Children love hot tubs just as much as adults do. They are a source of much excitement and a great attraction. But as with anything water-based, it is essential that children are properly supervised at all times around a hot tub. Here we look at hot tub rules for children, and also answer the important question, can babies go in hot tubs?

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The Hot Tub Diet: Does a Hot Tub Burn Calories?

Heard on the grapevine that lounging in a hot tub does way more than relax muscles and calm the mind? If you’re wondering how much truth is behind the question, does a hot tub burn calories, you’ll be enlightened as you read on, joining us as we explore whether there is actually any evidence to support the phenomenon of the ‘hot tub diet’.

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