10 Things You Should NEVER do in a Hot Tub

12th January 2022

Hot tubs are a haven of relaxation. They can ease anxiety, soothe sore muscles and provide the ultimate way to entertain and spend time with friends and family.

There is much to enjoy in a hot tub, but there are also some things you should never do, because if you’re going to get the most out of your home spa, it’s essential you stay safe.

So read on as we share our experts’ advice on the top things you should NEVER do in a hot tub.

Things you should never do in a hot tub

1. Drink alcohol

Whilst it may be tempting to grab a glass of fizz whilst you indulge in a home spa, the combination of alcohol and hot tub might not yield the best results.

It’s important to remember that alcohol can make you drowsy. When combined with the heat from the hot tub, the effects of the alcohol can sometimes cause dizziness, and may also prevent you from realising you are overheating.

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2. Enter with open cuts

Open sores, rashes or any form of infection are a no-no for home spa users. A well-maintained or self-cleaning hot tub will be safe and sanitised, however, it is best to be on the safe side and steer clear of the tub until you’re fully healed.

3. Use Epsom salts or bubble bath

If you overdo the bubbles in your hot tub, then you’re going to need to completely drain it, clean the filters and shell, and then refill the tub. So it’s a no for bubble bath in the hot tub!

Whilst known for their therapeutic properties, Epsom salts are another no-go in a spa. Pure Epsom salts are alkaline, which can disrupt the pH balance of your hot tub water, leading to reduced performance of the sanitiser and possibly even corrosion of certain parts, like seals, gaskets and other plastic and metal components.

4. Take a baby or young child in with you

You should never allow any child under the age of five, or any child who cannot stand up with their head above the water, into a jacuzzi spa with you. This advice is supported by medical professions and safety bodes.

Babies’ and children’s skin is very delicate and the hot water will be just too warm for them. What’s more, children can overheat very quickly and sometimes without warning, which can lead to fainting, dizziness and nausea, as well as the very serious condition, heat stroke.

5. Go to the loo

Be sure to pay a visit before you get in your hot tub! Peeing in a hot tub is always atop the list of things you shouldn’t do in a hot tub.

This can cause health hazards, arising from the combination of urine with the hot tub chemicals. Serious issues can arise, such as skin irritation, breathing difficulties, asthma and bacterial infections.

6. Forget to stay hydrated

Extended use of hot tubs could be dehydrating. Whilst alcohol is a no-no, it’s still important to stay hydrated during a home spa session, as spending time in warm water can be dehydrating. Keep a plastic cup of water handy. Avoid glasses, as they are prone to smashing and can cause a safety hazard.

7. Mess around

Running near a hot tub is dangerous, as the ground surrounding it can often be slippery. It’s also vital that you don’t jump or dive in the water, as it can also lead to slips.

Never put your head under the water either, as ear infections could result, and be sure to keep your hands away from the water filter, heater and massage jets.

8. Bathe during a storm

Whilst it’s fine – and fun – to use a hot tub during the winter, going in during a storm is an absolute no-no. Lightning and water are a dangerous combination, so give it a miss.

9. Add household chemicals

There is no benefit whatsoever to using non-hot tub chemicals in your home spa, in fact they can be dangerous. Only use quality, purpose-designed hot tub chemicals to keep your tub clean and sanitised, or invest in a self-cleaning hot tub so that all the work is done for you.

10. Forget to take a shower before you get in

If you’re hot and sweaty or have body lotion or oil on your skin, you’ll need to shower it off before you get in your spa. Otherwise you’ll clog up your filter and dirty your water. Always remember to shower before getting into a hot tub.

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