4 Signs A Swim Spa Is The Right Purchase For You

6th June 2020

During the past few years, swim spas have become very popular for some very good reasons. Swim spas give individuals the ability to swim, exercise, and relax in the comfort of your own home – but how do you know a swim spa is right for you?

Here at Hydropool Surrey, as a proud family-run business, we have a wealth of experience in this industry and are complete experts on swim spas. We were responsible for introducing the world-renowned Hydropool brand from Canada to the UK back in 1996. Therefore, if you would like to understand some of the reasons a swim spa is right for you, please feel free to continue reading, as we can help you.

Our Swim Spas Are a Good Fit for Every Home

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You love to swim

Swimming pools are great, but the installation costs are huge and they take up so much space. Typically, a swimming pool takes from 7 to 14 days to install, and can cost on average around £90,000 as a minimum. But, a swim spa can be installed in a 1 day and costs between £20-£40K – so it is definitely the best option for you.

The Hydropool swim spas we have available have been designed to create the perfect swim, as the technology has been refined and developed over the last two decades to ensure this. With increased depth and width for maximum water volume, our swim spas are completely designed to enhance the comfort of your swim.

You want to exercise at home

If you don’t want to pay for the gym and want to exercise at home, a swim spa is a perfect option to enhance your workouts. Many people have discovered that the swim spa can be a real resource for helping to lose weight. There are so many different exercise routines you can do, adapting them based on your level of fitness and goals.

The brilliant things about swim spas are that they allow owners to regularly get a complete workout without experiencing an impact on their joints like you would with other exercises – such as running or walking. There are so many different exercises that you can easily complete in your swim spa no matter what size it is – all within the comfort of your own home.

You want a stress relief solution

Hydrotherapy will help to increase your sense of calm and self-awareness, which makes a swim spa the perfect purchase for you. Our Hydropool swim spas can be fitted with features that are typically found in a conventional hot tub. These can include water jets to relaxing seating, both of which can help you rewind after a long day.

On the other hand, exercise is also a proven stress reliever as bodies are designed to move around, and there’s no better whole-body workout than swimming. Regular aerobic exercise will bring incredible changes to your body, your metabolism, your heart, and your spirits.

You desire year-round use

Inground pools are typically only used when outdoor temperatures are hot and the days are sunny – 6 months of the year at most. However, one of the great things about installing a swim spa for your home is the fact they can be used all year round. By appreciating the fact that the usage costs of a swim spa are around half those of a swimming pool, even though the usability is more than double, it makes a swim spa an even more valuable option.

Your swim spa can be used in all types of weather, so you can be outside to enjoy the various seasonal environments all year round, which in turn can help amplify your relaxation. Why not take advantage of the relaxing experience of your swim spa during the cold days of winter? There are so many great enjoyment possibilities throughout the year.

Would you like to invest in a swim spa? 

If you would like to find out more about swim spas and speak to a professional about installing a swim spa in your garden then Hydropool Surrey will happily help. Our swim spas come in a wide variety of models, so we would be more than happy to talk through your options with you. We can provide you with both Aquatrainer and Aquasport swim spas, that come in different shapes, sizes and styles, so you can choose the best for you and your home.

Our Swim Spas Are a Good Fit for Every Home

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