5 Inspirational Hot Tub Garden Ideas

8th August 2021

Hot tubs offer an array of therapeutic and social benefits. But have you thought about how a hot tub can be modelled into your garden, to form part of the overall landscaping of your outdoor space?

Here we share with you our favourite hot tub garden ideas which will hopefully inspire you to create your very own hot tub haven in your back yard. From hot tub decking ideas to sunken hot tubs in your garden, we have you covered.

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1. Soak and socialise

The combination of a soak and socialising area is perfect for those who love to spend time together or entertain. The ideal spot has to be a deck or patio, with a hot tub situated right alongside a comfy, convivial and of course splash-proof seating area. Add a spot of shade to keep the heat off on sunnier days, a pizza oven or a barbecue, and there you are, all set up for the ultimate party time.

Hot tub garden ideas

2. Hot tub summerhouse

A summerhouse, or any type of garden room for that matter, can create a beautiful focal point in any garden. And what a great place to house your hot tub too! If you are keen to use your hot tub year-round, let’s face it, unless it’s covered, there are going to be a fair few months when it’s out of bounds.

But place your outdoor jacuzzi it in a summerhouse, and there you have the dry, warm and sheltered haven you’ve longed for. As summerhouses these days are built to be fully insulated, and can be fitted out with power to, you’ll be able to enjoy your spa in home from home yet secluded surroundings.


3. Framing the view

Whether you have splendid countryside views rolling down from your garden, or you are lucky enough to enjoy a stunning sea view spot, a hot tub offers the ideal opportunity to make the most of your magnificent vistas. What could be better than gazing out over breath-taking scenery as you soak all your cares away? Hot tub inspiration doesn’t come much better than this. Framing your hot tub view is simple. A wooden gazebo or pergola will do the job perfectly, but there are other hot tub shelter ideas you may wish to explore too. Add some ambient lighting, and you’ll be able to enjoy those views as the sun goes down, and long into the night too.

Garden hot tub ideas


4. Sunken spa

A sunken garden creates a feeling of depth and contour to an outdoor space, as well as offering a completely different perspective as you sit and admire the surroundings from a lower level. One of the best outdoor jacuzzi ideas has to be situating your hot tub in a sunken spot, so that you effectively navigate your way down to your very own secluded spa area. A sunken garden provides shelter from the elements too, leaving you to enjoy your soak without the interruption of the wind.

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5. Raising spirits

The complete opposite to the sunken garden is the raised hot tub deck. One of the most popular hot tub garden ideas, a decked platform allows you to make a feature of the hot tub itself.

Well, why hide away something so appealing? Creating a dedicated platform for your jacuzzi spa will give it that wow-factor, especially if you showcase it with colourful lighting. A top tip is to choose composite hot tub decking rather than timber for maintenance-free enjoyment year-round.

Jacuzzi hot tubs

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