5 Reasons To Invest In A Hydropool Swim Spa

15th January 2020

Swim Spas have become incredibly popular in recent years, as they can provide the benefits of a swimming pool, but at a significantly smaller cost. 

They can also be compared to hot tubs at the same time, but providing individuals with the ability to continuously swim against strong water jets that provide currents of water.

But, why do people decide to invest in a swim spa? Are swim spas a good investment? What are some valid reasons to buy a swim spa?

The team at Hydropool Surrey have put together a list of the most common reasons to buy a swim spa and the benefits of choosing Hydropool as your swim spa experts.

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Great Exercise

As we have already touched upon, swim spas are an excellent way to exercise and they allow the owner to regularly get a complete workout – without ever reaching the end of a pool and turning around.

As an example, the AquaSport Swim Spa on the Hydropool Surrey website allows you to create the perfect training environment through personalised water temperature settings.

Swimming, in general, is excellent, as a person can exercise and not experience any heavy impact on their joints like running or walking, while also improving their cardiovascular functions. It helps to burn excess calories, shed extra weight and tone your entire body, as it’s a full-body workout.

The water current can be adjusted for regular lap swimming, or interval training such as swimming for a short period of time against a stronger current and then automatically switching to a milder current for an easier swim,


Most swim spas are made for exercise, but can also be used for relaxation just like a hot tub. As the warm water is very soothing and relaxing, just like a hot tub, swim spas offer the owner some time to themselves – which is especially ideal for those who have physically demanding occupations.

Each swim spa is also fitted with a minimum of two hydrotherapy seats so you can benefit from the same massage that a hot tub would give you, easing the user’s stress from the day. By relaxing their muscles in this way, it often gives the user a better outlook on things and helps them with their sleep.


Many people thoroughly enjoy swimming, but do not have the room – in terms of space and budget – for a full pool. This is why many homeowners opt to purchase a swim spa, which can be moved from property to property, but still doesn’t take up as much space.

Swim spas conveniently fit into smaller spaces and there are a wide variety of options when it comes to shape, always encouraging year-round exercise without having to worry about it taking over your entire property.


From the offset, swim spas are easy to install – either in the ground or above ground. Compared to an in-ground swimming pool or assembling a pool that is above the ground, you can easily enjoy your very own affordable swimming space, which is there for you whenever you want to swim – without the huge installation costs of a pool.

The maintenance costs are also significantly lower, as they require fewer chemicals to maintain, being the perfect combination of hot tubs and swimming pools without being too big or too small.

Health benefits 

Hydrotherapy and other pool exercises can be carried out in a swim spa, and being immersed, buoyant or massaged in water can relieve our bodies in a variety of different ways. Users can build up weak muscles, enhance their flexibility and range of motion, and make it easier for physical therapists to guide and instruct them.

Once you’re finished exercising, you can sit down and ease your sore and tired muscles, therefore, strengthening, toning and relaxing your body all at once.

Up to 3 Years Interest-Free Credit For All Swim Spas

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About Hydropool Surrey 

As a business, we proudly provide our clients with the ideal solution for fitness and fun with our AquaSport Swim Spas.

Every product comes with a structured 10-year guarantee, being made in Canada by the world’s finest industry engineers, using the best insulation technologies to make them the most energy-efficient models in the world.

To find out some more information about our high-quality swim spas, our exceptional customer service team would be more than happy to have a chat. You can alternatively book an appointment at our showroom to test the swim spas in person.