5 Top Ideas for Landscaping Around Swim Spas

16th June 2021

Purchasing a swim spa is a big investment for your garden and, as such, you will want to ensure that it looks the part within the rest of your garden landscaping. Good swim spa landscaping ideas should embed your swim spa into your garden seamlessly, to make it look like an integral part of your outdoor space and not an addition which sticks out like a sore thumb. Which is why we love these ideas for landscaping around swim spas.

Our Favourite Home Swim Spa Landscaping Ideas

1. Decking

Decking is an obvious choice for landscaping around swim spas. It’s the perfect way to create an in-ground swim spa. This helps to integrate swim spas with their surroundings, as it is sunken into the ground and therefore isn’t such an obvious feature of the garden.

Don’t forget that you can also raise the decked area up to create the illusion of an in-ground swim spa, and that decking will zone the swim spa area, which means that even if it’s not in-keeping with the rest of your garden, it will still blend in as its own separate entity.

When installing decking around a swim spa, it’s wise to consider anti-slip decking; this is an excellent safety precaution for wet feet getting out of the swim spa.

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2. Lawn

Siting your swim spa on a lawn is perfect if you want to keep plenty of greenery around it, and you can also plant around and behind your swim spa to give it a really lush, tropical feel. And don’t forget that as your swim spa can be heated, you’ll already have a tropical feel to your swim. Perfect for both cooler weather and those balmy summer nights when you want to go for a refreshing dip.

You may wish to consider a small area of patio or decking underneath and immediately around the spa itself, although you can also have your swim spa entirely on the lawn itself. Many people also consider artificial grass around their swim spa, which is ideal if you want to minimise the number of loose blades of grass that find their way into the water.

Landscaping around swim spas

3. Patio and stone

Landscaping around swim spas with stone or a patio is another very popular idea. As with decking, make sure you choose a stone which is non-slip for safety when exiting the swim spa.

For example, travertine can be treated with an anti-slip coating to ensure it’s not too slippery around swim spas. It’s also worth thinking about heat; if your swim spa is going to be in direct sunlight all day, then you’ll want to ensure you choose a stone which won’t burn your feet when hot.

Don’t feel like you have to be too uniform with your stone or patio landscaping around your swim spa if you so wish. We love the idea of irregular stone steps leading up to your swim spa, and tropical planting in the immediate surrounds to give it a sultry feel.

4. Add shelter

Landscaping around swim spas isn’t just the flooring or planting, either; one thing you may wish to consider is shelter. If your swim spa is going to be in direct sunlight all day, a little shade may be a welcome relief, especially whilst using a swim spa for training or exercise. Similarly, they may also help to protect you from the rain on those days when the great British summertime lets us down.

Your shelter could come in the form of a timber pergola, which not only looks good but also makes a feature of the swim spa, especially as you can train climbing plants against it to add both colour and shade. Remember that this is a long-term shade strategy however, so you may therefore wish to consider a sail shade or pop-up gazebo if you do not wish to wait for the plants to grow.

5. Make a feature

You may want your swim spa to stand out from the crowd, and landscaping around swim spas doesn’t mean that it has to rescind into the background. You can certainly make a feature of your swim spa – after all, it’s going to be something that you love and use for years to come – and the key to creating such a feature is to make sure it blends with the rest of your landscaping.

Furthermore to this landscaping idea, if you’re using your swim spa for training, it’s likely to be something that you want to show off, and potentially will be something that you’ll use with your training partners on site. The enhanced features of a Hydropool swim spa certainly shouldn’t blend into the background, so why not make it a focal point within your garden?

With this in mind, look at the planting around your swim spa. Can you add planters or flowerbeds featuring the same type of plants and flowers to ensure it blends in, but is still front and centre within the space? Or can you use hard landscaping such as a pergola to draw the eye to your swim spa? Water is a beautiful feature in any garden, and a swim spa is no exception to this.

Create a feature in your garden with cutting edge swim spas and groundbreaking landscaping ideas from Hydropool Surrey

There is much to consider when thinking about landscaping ideas around outdoor swim spas, and of course the main consideration is the swim spa itself!

With this in mind, if you’re yet to purchase your swim spa, why not discuss your landscaping ideas with the experienced, friendly team at Hydropool Surrey? Our premium range of swim spas offers something for every type of garden ad training need, and we can also discuss how to landscape around it to make it a much-loved feature of your outdoor space.

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