6 Things You Should Never Do With Your Family In a Hot Tub

16th April 2020

If you and your family enjoy spending time with each other whilst sitting in the hot tub, it’s likely that you may worry your luxury family hot tub will break or underperform. It has been said that a number of hot tub issues that occur are due to human error. 

The team at Hydropool Surrey have created this guide covering six of the top things you should never do with your family hot tub. This article will steer you in the right direction to sidestep hot tub fails and also offer a list of things TO DO in a hot tub with your family.

What Not to Do in a Family Hot Tub

Turn the power off whilst it’s still full of water

If you regularly use your garden hot tub in the UK, it’s advised to keep your hot tub running with a steady temperature rather than turning it off completely between each use – especially if you have water in the tub.

In the winter period, it’s very easy to damage your family’s luxury hot tub if the freezing cold water is left sitting in the tub. This can cause significant damage to the mechanical aspects that need to be either warm or free of water.

Similarly, during the summer, it’s never advised to turn off your garden hot tub in the UK unless all of the water has already been drained. Otherwise, the water itself can quickly turn sour and unusable.

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Jump or dive into the tub

Unfortunately for some, hot tubs aren’t the same as swimming pools. For this reason, please note it’s never advised that you and your family don’t even consider attempting to jump or dive into the family hot tub, otherwise, you are at serious risk of injury, but also damaging the hot tub.

Having said that, it’s also suggested not to engage in horseplay, as this is not only dangerous, but you are further risking damaging your family hot tub.

Leave children unattended 

This should go without saying, but leaving your children unattended around your garden hot tub belongs to the list of things you shouldn’t do in a hot tub.

Of course, most hot tubs are family-friendly, but that doesn’t mean that you should leave infants and young children within close proximity to the hot tub without suitable supervision.

As you can imagine, the primary reason for this is because it’s very easy for children to potentially drown underwater, which is something no family would want to endure. To ensure your hot tub is safe when not in use, all Hydropool Hot Tubs come with substantial covers that can be locked to ensure that children cannot open them.

Use generic pool chemicals

Before you even consider putting standard pool chemicals into your luxury hot tub, stop. Most generic swimming pool chemicals are typically designed for over 15,000 gallons of water, which is why they are extremely concentrated, and for that reason, they shouldn’t be considered for your hot tub. On average, a garden hot tub in the UK uses less than 1,000 gallons of water, meaning that the swimming pool chemicals will likely damage the hot tub.

Put foam, shampoo or bubbles in the hot tub

The jets installed within your hot tub are designed to create bubbles, which is why it’s never advised for you to get into your family hot tub with shampoo, soaps or anything else that is likely to produce bubbles and foam. Not only will this cause a mess, but the chemicals can also be potentially harmful to the hot tub’s filter in particular, as well as ruining the water balance.

To help prevent this, it is advised that you only go into your luxury hot tub if you are clean and free of any chemicals, otherwise, you are risking turning your hot tub into a bathtub, which isn’t its purpose.

Forget to clean the filter

If you are a careful hot tub owner in the UK who strives to dodge hot tub failures, you should already know that you should clean your filter on a regular basis, however, several people still forget to check their filters routinely. 

Ideally, they need to be at least rinsed every few weeks to avoid any problems, as well as deep cleaned with a filter cleaner every few weeks and when you change over the water in your hot tub.

Thinking of replacing your current hot tub? 

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For those that are keen on viewing some of our luxury hot tubs in person, we highly suggest taking a look at our showroom when you have the chance. Having said that, you can also give us a call on 01932 640144, where one of our specialists will be happy to have a chat about your needs so that we can recommend the most suitable hot tub we have available.

You Can Test Our Hot Tubs Before You Purchase

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