A Guide to Hot Tub Winter Covers

9th October 2021

If you are wondering about the best way to protect a hot tub during the winter, the simple answer is, rather than drain it and keep it switched off, you’ll do well to keep it full and running.

The best way to protect the pipework and parts on a hot tub is actually to avoid draining it. This is where hot tub winter covers play a crucial role, and this guide should help you choose the right one for your needs.

A hot tub cover is essential to extend the lifespan of the tub. Choose your hot tub cover carefully, and you will enjoy the spa for many years ahead.

Hot tub winter covers

What are the benefits of hot tub winter covers?

Safety is one of the key reasons to cover your hot tub during the winter, or any time for that matter. With a hot tub covered, you will prevent children, pets or wild animals inadvertently falling into it.

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Covering a hot tub during winter will also prevent it from getting damaged during inclement weather. Snow, frost and wind can wreak havoc on a home spa, but a well-fitting hot tub cover will keep the water free from debris, dust and bacteria, and the pipework and shell protected.

Hot tub covers also save time and money. With the cover trapping heat to keep the water warm, it won’t take so long to heat up should you wish to use your hot tub during the winter. The heating system and pumps won’t need to work so hard every time, and so will serve you for longer. A cover also prevents the water evaporating, so you won’t need to refill the hot tub so often.

Finally, as well as a hot tub cover, you may also wish to build a hot tub shelter for the ultimate in protection for your spa, and of course to make it even more appealing to use during the winter months.

What to consider when buying winter hot tub covers?

There are many different hot tub covers to choose from, insulation covers, thermal covers and so on, so you will need to weigh up various factors before you make your final choice.

Shape and size is one of the most important considerations. From round hot tub winter covers to square and oblong ones, you will need to ensure that the cover fits perfectly in order to provide the best level of protection for your home spa.

Density and thickness are two more factors to think about. Good quality winter hot tub covers will be three to six inches thick with a density from one to two pounds.

The thicker and better insulated the cover, the better the degree of insulation you will enjoy during the winter, and the greater protection from damage caused by wind and driving rain or snow.

Material is another consideration. A quality hot tub winter cover will usually be made of high grade vinyl which is resistant to water, humidity and UV rays. Marine grade vinyl is standard, and it should be treated so that mildew and mould cannot grow on it. There will be plenty of colour options to choose from, so you can blend the hot tub cover with the tub itself and the surrounding area.

There is also the option to choose an aluminium hot tub cover which is more robust. This will give a higher degree of protection should an inquisitive pet or wild animal decide to take a stroll on it.

Hot tub cover straps should fit snugly over the spa. Be sure to fix them down properly to secure the seal when stormy or windy weather is forecast. For safety, lockable straps are a wise addition and advisable if you have children.

You may also want to consider a cover lifter to make it easier to take off your winter hot tub cover when you want to use it.

A hot tub cover cap or is like a cover for your cover, ideal during the winter months to prevent the cover from damage during freezing and thawing and from falling leaves and branches. A cover bag will take things a step further and protect the entire tub, including the panels.

A heat retaining floating thermal blanket will help prevent heat loss and can be used in conjunction with hot tub winter covers for added protection.

Choosing your hot tub wisely before purchasing your hot tub protective cover

Whether it’s round hot tub lids or thermal covers, all hot tub covers have the potential to extend the lifespan of your spa and to save you money.

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