A Helpful Guide to Hot Tub Running Costs

12th March 2021

One of the most common questions we get asked is “how much does it cost to run a hot tub?” If you’re looking to purchase a home spa, it’s understandable to want to know more about hot tub operating costs. Here our experts run through the main hot tub running costs, and explore how a Hydropool branded hot tub can help keep those operational costs to a minimum.

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Which factors influence hot tub running costs?

The electrical hot tub operating cost is perhaps the most influential factor when it comes to how much it costs to run a home spa.

 The initial set up of your hot tub will see a small rise in electrical costs as you fill and heat your hot tub for the first time. After that, the following factors will influence the energy efficiency of your hot tub running costs:

  • How often you use your hot tub. It sounds obvious, but the more frequently you use your hot tub, the more energy it will consume.
  • Hot tub insulation. A good, well-fitting hot tub cover will help preserve the heat inside the tub, as will high quality insulation at the base of the shell and around the plumbing system.
  • The amount of water you use. The greater the volume of water, the more energy will be needed to heat it. Try to choose a hot tub that will accommodate your usual number of bathers, rather than picking a hot tub that is larger than necessary.

How does the Hydropool brand perform on hot tub running costs?

It’s worth remembering that not all hot tubs are made equal. With varying features such as insulation and pumps, this can all greatly affect the energy efficiency and therefore the cost to run a hot tub.

Indoor swim spa with a white exterior and blue interior, surrounded by tiled walls and illuminated by moonlights


Some hot tubs are created with just a single insulation layer which allows heat to escape more easily and results in higher hot tub running costs. Hydropool hot tubs, however, are designed with two layers of insulation which protect the shell and keep in the heat.

The HydroWise Heat shield hardcover and the insulated thermal shield blanket use the latest technology to reflect the heat back into the hot tub, keeping the heat in and the cold out.

Pump efficiency

Additionally, the pumps fitted in a Hydropool hot tub are extremely efficient. The self-cleaning filtration needs to only run for 6-8 hours a day to keep the water clean. For even more cost savings, filtration can be set to work during off-peak hours and can run in economy mode if you don’t intend to use the hot tub for a while.

In comparison, other brands of hot tubs need to run their pumps 24 hours a day, which is not nearly as energy efficient and will lead to higher hot tub running costs.

Self-cleaning technology to keep hot tub running costs down

If you choose a hot tub that needs to be re-filled with clean water several times a year this will use more energy to heat from scratch every time. Choose a self-cleaning hot tub from Hydropool however, and there will be no need for costly refilling.

Energy efficient Hydropool hot tubs from Hydropool Surrey

Here at Hydropool Surrey, we have been supplying hot tubs Surrey wide for 35 years. Our range of energy efficient, self-cleaning Hydropool hot tubs with low electrical costs is available for you to try for yourself at our purpose-built indoor showroom in Addlestone, Surrey.

For personalised advice on operational costs, and a hot tub and swim spa range that will keep your running costs down, you are welcome to get in touch today or book an appointment with us at our showroom.

Looking For a Hot Tub With Affordable Running Costs?

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