Can Babies Go in Hot Tubs, and Other Child Safety Considerations for Home Spas

28th December 2021

Children love hot tubs just as much as adults do. They are a source of much excitement and a great attraction. But as with anything water-based, it is essential that children are properly supervised at all times around a hot tub.

Here we look at hot tub rules for children and hot tub age restrictions. We also answer important questions such as can babies go in hot tubs, who should not use a hot tub, how long can kids be in a hot tub and what age you can go in a hot tub.

Can babies go in hot tubs

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How to keep your children safe in and around your hot tub?

Other than always ensuring your children are never left out of your sight when your hot tub is in use, and constantly supervising them when they are using it, the following are some essential rules for kids in hot tubs that should be followed in the name of child safety:

  • When it’s not in use, be sure to keep the cover on your hot tub, making sure it’s securely locked at all times.
  • If it doesn’t already have one, fit a circuit breaker to the power supply for added safety.
  • Always ensure the water in the hot tub is clean, that the surfaces are free from grime so they’re not slippery, and be sure to check the chemical levels are correct so there is no irritation to young skin. A self-cleaning hot tub will take care of all of this for you, without you having to worry.
  • Keep all hot tub chemicals out of reach of children, and be sure to immediately clean up any spills.
  • Never let children run in the vicinity of a hot tub, as the area may be slippery.
  • Do not allow jumping or diving in the tub, and don’t permit children to put their heads under the water, as this can lead to ear infections.
  • Make sure children do not touch the water filter, heater or massage jets.
  • Don’t let children in the hot tub drink the hot tub water, and make sure they do not take any food in with them. A plastic cup (not a glass) of drinking water can be kept at hand, however to keep, them hydrated.
  • Never let a child with cold or flu symptoms or any type of infection use a hot tub or home swim spa. The same applies to cuts and open wounds.
  • Always get children to rinse their feet before they get in the hot tub so they don’t take any grass or mud in with them.

Can babies go in hot tubs? What are the age restrictions for the use of a hot tub?

The overriding recommendation is that no child under the age of five should ever be allowed to use a hot tub. This advice is fully backed up by safety bodies and medical professionals. So, the answer to the question, can babies get in hot tubs, is most definitely ‘no’.

Same goes for toddlers. They are not to be allowed in a hot tub until they reach the age of five.

The reasoning behind why babies and infants are not allowed in hot tubs is that their skin is too delicate for the hot water, which will be much warmer than you’d use to bathe them in.

Another issue is that young children can overheat very quickly, which can cause fainting, vomiting and dizziness, as well as heat stroke, which is very serious.

So, what age can children go in a hot tub?

The general rule for children in hot tubs is for them to be no younger than five years, but it’s vital that they are tall enough to stand up in the spa with their head above the water. Even if the children are good, confident swimmers or they are wearing floatation aids, be sure to stick to this minimum height rule.

can babies go in hot tubs

Up until the age of 11, children must only stay in a hot tub for a maximum of five minutes at a time. This is because whilst they’re having fun, they may not notice that they could be overheating. So be sure to limit their time.

Finally, set a strict rule with your children that they go to the toilet before they use the hot tub. Peeing in a hot tub can lead to health hazards, arising from the combination of urine with the hot tub chemicals. Breathing difficulties, skin irritation, asthma and bacterial infections can arise, so be very strict indeed about this.

If your child is not of an age where they are able to tell you they need the loo, then they are definitely too young to be in a hot tub. In other words, no toddlers are allowed in the hot tub.

None of these rules are designed to spoil your kids’ enjoyment of your home hot tub. On the contrary, following them will ensure that you and your children have the best time.

How long can kids stay in a hot tub?

It is recommended for young kids of hot tub age to remain no more than 15-20 minutes in the hot tub in one go. While you have your kid soaking in a hot tub, make sure to reduce heat to 35 degrees as this is the safe temperature for children.

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