Can I Put a Hot Tub on my Balcony in the UK?

29th June 2021

If you live in a flat or apartment in the UK and you are lucky enough to have outdoor space courtesy of a balcony, you may be wondering if you can join the growing swathes of people who are investing in the benefits and pleasures of home hot tubs

The question of whether a balcony hot tub is a viable possibility is precisely what we’re exploring in this post.

Balcony hot tub

Is it possible to install a hot tub on a balcony? 

Often the answer is yes, you can.

There are however various considerations that will need to be factored in before you make our balcony jacuzzi purchase to ensure that your property is able to support and handle it. This includes ventilation, hot tub size, installation costs and more.

Here are some crucial steps to follow.

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Step #1: Obtain permission

Before you order your balcony hot tub, it is vital to first ascertain whether you are actually permitted to install one within your apartment or flat. You will need to either speak to the freehold owner or, if you have one, your residents’ association or block manager. Any of these will be able to set out the property rules for you. Don’t do anything without written permission.

You may find it useful to obtain a report from a structural engineer in advance of checking permission so that you can show that your apartment is able to support the weight of a balcony jacuzzi. Insurance cover for the specific risks involved in installing a hot tub on your balcony will also be essential.

Step #2: Check power requirements

For this step you may need to consult the expertise of a qualified electrician. A hot tub will need its own power source and, if you are siting it on a balcony, you may need to run power outside if you don’t already have it.

The viability and costs of connecting up your balcony hot tub need proper consideration. Sometimes it’s not always as straightforward as plug-and-play, you may need a special electrical installation, which will have to be carried out by an NICEIC domestic installer in order to comply with Building Regulations. Don’t second guess anything to do with electrics: take professional advice.

Step #3: Consider ventilation and drainage

An outdoor balcony jacuzzi installation in an apartment will usually take care of the ventilation requirements. Most high rise apartments are built from reinforced steel and cement, so they won’t be damaged by steam.

Drainage, and how you will fill your balcony jacuzzi, will need more in-depth consideration. Generally you will need to run a hose from a nearby tap to fill the tub, and then again from the tub to a sink or bath to drain it. Check the practicalities carefully before you go ahead with your home spa purchase. If you invest in a self-cleaning hot tub, then you will not need to drain it as often as you would with a model that needs regular cleaning. Something else to bear in mind.

Step #4: Think about delivery

How you will get your balcony hot tub in place has to be one of the most important considerations. Maybe it’s better to get a small hot tub for your balcony, a 2-person or 3-person model? Or a larger version that could sit the entire family?

If you have fairly large lifts in your building, and you are buying a smaller hot tub model, then you may have your answer there. However, for larger models, smaller lifts or narrow corridors, you are going to need to apply more thought.

It may be that a crane will be required to manoeuvre the balcony hot tub into place. Be sure to discuss delivery and installation with your hot tub supplier before you place your order rather than leaving things to chance on the day of delivery.

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All things considered, if you have your heart set on a balcony jacuzzi in your UK home, why not discuss your vision with the friendly, family-run team at Hydropool Surrey?

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