Guide to UK Hot Tub Energy Usage (Tips on How to Save Energy!)

24th October 2022

Hot tubs are more popular than ever before, and many people decide to get their own hot tubs so they can enjoy using them any day of the week.

But how expensive are they to run? How much energy do they use? And how can you save energy with a hot tub?

Here we will take a closer look at all these issues surrounding hot tub energy usage, so you can use your hot tub more efficiently.

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How Much Energy Does a Hot Tub Use?

Hot tubs use electricity, which powers the water heater and the jets that create the bubbles. So when you see a hot tub bubbling away, you may think it uses a lot of power – but you might be surprised.

Modern hot tubs are often incredibly efficient. Here are some of the main factors that affect their energy efficiency and energy usage.

Luxury hot tub installed in the garden and encircled by a big sofa

Hot Tub Size

The size of the hot tub will usually have an impact on the amount of energy it uses. A larger model will have a higher hot tub energy usage level than a smaller one.

Hot Tub Insulation

A hot tub with good insulation will use less energy to keep the water warm. Insulation is used in the cabinet, shell and plumbing system. As you might expect, Hydropool hot tubs have some of the best insulation you can find on any hot tub.

Hot Tub Cover

Like insulation, the hot tub cover is vital in reducing energy use. All high-quality hot tubs should have a good cover to keep the heat locked in.

Hot Tub Heater & Components

Some hot tubs use more energy-efficient heaters than others. This goes for other components like pumps and air blowers. Some are simply made to higher standards than others, making the hot tub more efficient to run.

Usage Factors that Affect Hot Tub Energy Consumption

As well as the hot tub factors above, how you use your hot tub will also impact how much energy it uses.

In general, they use between 3.5 and 6 kWh per day of electricity, but these factors will impact the amount of energy they use and how much you spend:

  • The outside temperature (hot tub power usage in winter is often greater)
  • How frequently you use it
  • The length of time you use it each session
  • The amount of time you use the jets
  • The temperature setting
  • Your electricity tariff

Luxury hot tub running at night time outside a big house

As you can see, many factors will affect how much you spend on running your hot tub.

So, how much can you expect to spend on your energy bills running a hot tub?

Hot Tub Energy Usage: How Much Do Hot Tubs Cost to Run?

So, how much energy does a hot tub use and how much will it cost to run? It’s impossible to say exactly how much you will spend running your hot tub because of the above factors.

But for hot tub power consumption in the UK, when you get an energy-efficient hot tub like any of our models at Hydropool Surrey, you can expect to pay about £1 per day or slightly more. This is based on using your hot tub for about half an hour three or four times a week.

Hot Tub Energy-Saving Tips

Even if your hot tub is very energy efficient and you do not spend much on running it, you will still want to reduce energy consumption as much as possible.

There are lots of hot tub energy-saving tips that can help you to make additional savings.

Shelter Your Hot Tub from the Wind

The wind can cool your hot tub down and force it to use more energy to stay hot. Where you position your hot tub is, therefore, important, which is why we will help to install your hot tub and provide expert advice. You could also put up a wall or fence or plant a hedge to protect it.

Cover It Properly

Your hot tub should have an insulating cover, so ensure you cover it properly. It should be sealed when you finish using it, which traps the heat and reduces energy use.

Use a Lower Temperature Setting

You can always turn the temperature down. The lower it is, the less energy will be used to heat it. This may be more appropriate in the hot summer months when you may find that you want it a bit cooler.

Hot tub running in the garden surrounded by flowers

Turn the Temperature Down When You Go Away

Another thing you can do is turn the temperature down when you know you won’t be using your hot tub for a long time, like if you go away on holiday for a few weeks. Consider turning it down to 30 degrees, but don’t turn it off.

Don’t Use the Pumps

The air pumps are part of the experience, providing massaging jets and bubbles. But you can always turn them off and simply enjoy a warm dip in your hot tub, which will help to reduce energy consumption.

Keep the Filter Clean

The filter keeps your hot tub clean, but you also need to keep the filter clean to make sure it works efficiently. So clean the filter regularly and change it when necessary.

Change Energy Providers

Finally, you could always change to an energy provider with a cheaper tariff. This may or may not be an option, but it’s worth considering if you are concerned about cutting your bills.

Should You Run Your Hot Tub All the Time?

We’ve always been told to turn off the lights at home when not using them and to turn off the TV and other devices. But hot tubs are a bit different. It’s better to leave your hot tub running all the time rather than repeatedly turn it off and on.

When you heat a hot tub up from cold, the heater works much harder and uses more power than maintaining the water at a constant temperature.

Two women enjoying their time in a hot tub

Hot tubs like those from Hydropool are incredibly well insulated, and it’s better to heat it up and then keep it hot. This also makes it more convenient when you want to get into your hot tub because you don’t have to wait.

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Save Energy with Your Hot Tub Usage

Hot tubs may appear to be an indulgence, especially when energy costs are increasing. But modern and efficient hot tubs are often far cheaper to run than you think. Hot tubs that are made using high-quality components and good insulation are often very inexpensive to run.

How much energy does a hot tub use? Surprisingly little when you use an efficient model and follow the tips outlined above.

At Hydropool, our hot tubs and swim spas are some of the most efficient on the market. They are made using premium components, designed to last many years and have a 10-year warranty. You could always carry out a hot tub energy consumption comparison to find out which hot tubs are most efficient.

So, choose an efficient hot tub model then follow the hot tub energy usage tips outlined above to save energy. There are lots of ways to reduce your energy use and cut down your bills while enjoying the pleasure of having a hot tub waiting for you when you get back home.