Hot Tub Meditation Tips You Need To Know

4th September 2020

Your hot tub is quite possibly one of the most relaxing places to be after a stressful day, and many households make it the safe haven away from the normal day-to-day events of their lives. However, many people don’t also take advantage of meditating in their hot tub. It is one of the most beneficial and easy habits to train yourself into developing, improving and maintaining your mental focus and overall wellbeing.

By meditating in your hot tub, you can feel the tension in your muscles begin to fade away and your body and mind will fall into a state of deep relaxation. If this is something you would like to try, here at Hydropool Surrey, we have put together some essential tips for deeper hot tub relaxation through meditation.

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Prepare your hot tub

Before you begin meditation, it is important to prepare yourself accordingly. We recommend that you set the temperature to a comfortable level for you and turn off the jets, creating a calm and tranquil environment to relax in. It is important that your surroundings are as quiet as possible, especially if this is your first time meditating, as you want to completely relax and focus on what you are doing.

To prepare the mood even further, you could dim the lights if your hot tub is inside, or even play some soft music. Stick to calmer music, such as classical or instrumental, but you can also play some nature sounds to really relax your mind and transport yourself away from reality.

Make sure you are comfortable

You need to focus on yourself completely, so try to find a comfortable position where you can remain relaxed for a period of time. Find a comfortable seated position, and sit up straight with your spine erect and your chin tilted slightly downward. We also recommend placing your hands gently on your thighs. By sitting like this in your hot tub, you can enjoy the natural buoyancy of your body which can help you feel relaxed and weightless in the water.

Focus on your breathing 

Meditation is all about breathing, so take slow, long breaths, pushing out your stomach as you breathe out each time. Feel the air entering and leaving your body, and enjoy the weightlessness of the water around you. While you practice this exercise, try to maintain your focus without counting your breaths, as this is what is going to calm your mind even further.

Stay in the present 

When meditating in your hot tub it can be very easy to become distracted, but you need to eliminate anything that could potentially let your mind wander. This means no phone calls and no distractions from your household, just focus on yourself and the present. It can be quite difficult as a beginner to completely turn off your brain from these distractions, so try to start with 5 to 10-minute sessions and then work your way up to 15 minutes or more.

Would you like to enjoy the benefits of a hot tub?

 Spending time in a hot tub is a great way to relax and meditate, especially in the comfort of your own home. You will notice such a difference to both your physical and mental wellbeing by spending time in a hot tub, so it is very much a worthwhile investment.  If you are trying to find the perfect hot tub model for your needs, Hydropool Surrey would be happy to help. You can browse our full range over on our website or you have the option to visit our hot tub showroom and a member of our friendly team will gladly assist.