Hot Tub or Jacuzzi? The Differences Explained.

25th February 2021

If you have recently started your search for a home hot tub, you may be wondering whether there is a difference between a Jacuzzi spa and a regular hot tub. Granted it can be confusing, especially with so much industry jargon being bound about. 

Here we will attempt to explain the differences between Jacuzzi hot tubs and hot tubs in general, including a run down of what to look for when buying a home spa.

Jacuzzi hot tubs

What is a Jacuzzi tub? Is Jacuzzi a brand name or a type of hot tub?

Jacuzzi is actually a brand name rather than a type of hot tub. Just as ‘Hoover’ is to vacuum cleaners, so Jacuzzi is to hot tubs.

Because Jacuzzi hot tubs were the original brand which became so well known the world over, the name became adopted and used for the general product.

If you hear someone talking about their ‘garden Jacuzzi’, whilst it could well be the actual Jacuzzi brand hot tub, it could just as easily be any brand of hot tub, such as Hydropool. So, Jacuzzis and hot tubs are the same, but also not.

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The Jacuzzi brand was founded by two Italian brothers who designed a pump that could be placed over the side of a bath in order to produce a whirlpool effect. The story is an interesting one.

Candido Jacuzzi wanted to make his son Ken’s disabilities more bearable, and was aware that the warm pools he bathed in whilst in hospital were helping him significantly. This is what inspired Candido to set about creating a home version, using a simple motor that agitated the water.

Soon, he’d developed a therapeutic spa using the power of water to soothe his son’s ailments. From there, the Jacuzzi brand took off, developing over the years into a full home spa range.

What is a hot tub?

Originally, the term ‘hot tub’ simply referred to a round, wooden barrel fitted with a water tank, some jets and a heater. As the industry developed, demand grew and design features became more and more sophisticated, so the likes of pumps, filters, customisable jets and zoned hydrotherapy were introduced, eventually developing the product into the home spa we know today.

Modern hot tubs have ditched the wood and are now more likely to be constructed from insulated fibreglass and thermoplastic shells. The shape has also evolved, from the barrel look to square or rectangular models, capable of accommodating anything from two to nine people.

Jacuzzi spa, or hot tub?

Hot tub manufacturers tend to use the terms ‘home spa’ and ‘hot tub’ interchangeably, but essentially they are one in the same. Many people also refer to hot tubs generally as ‘Jacuzzis’, but this doesn’t necessarily mean they are made by the Jacuzzi brand.

It is important, when buying a home hot tub, to consider the different features that each brand offers, because they really can vary. Let’s now take a look at some of the most important things to consider.

What to consider when buying a home hot tub

Whatever you decide to call your home spa, hot tub or Jacuzzi tub, there are going to be certain features that you will need to carefully consider.

Spa jets

Hot tub jet technology varies quite considerably. If you are looking for the ultimate hydrotherapy massage, choose a tub that is specifically designed for this purpose, with customisable jets so that you can select the ideal massage to target the areas where you need it most.


Hot tub insulation is incredibly important. Not only does a well-insulated spa save you money by reducing energy consumption through lowered heat loss, it will also prolong the life of the tub by protecting the elements from extreme weather conditions. 

Hydropool hot tubs for example are fitted with a dual layer of Therma Shield insulation, boosting energy efficiency and utilising waste heat.


If you want to spend more time relaxing and enjoying your outdoor spa and less time maintaining it, you will be best advised to go for a self-cleaning hot tub.

Hydropool for example uses an exclusive, patented self-cleaning filtration system which, instead of drawing water in through the filter, directs water in through a pre-filter basket before entering the pump and then being forced through the filter. This means that 100 per cent of the water gets cleaned every 15 minutes.

There is also a built-in floor vacuum to suck up dirt and debris from the hot tub floor, so no need for manual vacuuming, unlike with other brands. Many brands of hot tub use a suction side filtration system which sees only half the water filtered, meaning you will have to manually deal with sanitisation.

Running costs

Hot tub pumps vary when it comes to cost to run, and this will be influenced by size, insulation, pump quality and energy efficiency. If you want to keep running costs to a minimum, look for a home spa model with an efficient pump, a self-cleaning filtration system and good quality insulation.

Premium quality home hot tubs from Hydropool Surrey

Now you are aware of the differences between Jacuzzi hot tubs and hot tubs in general, why not take a closer look at the benefits that the renowned Hydropool brand has to offer?

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