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If you’re in the market for a home hot tub, not only is it important to make sure you are buying quality, it is also essential to choose a supplier with a glowing reputation. For personalized advice on everything to do with choosing and using hot tubs, Leatherhead-based customers know they can trust the quality service that’s on offer at Hydropool Surrey, a family-run business that genuinely cares about its customers.

Why choose Hydropool for hot tubs in Leatherhead?

Purchasing a hot tub from Hydropool Leatherhead means buying into unsurpassed quality, in every respect. From the integrity of the product to the superior service and attention to detail you’ll experience at every step from our dedicated team, there is everything to appreciate. And with a 30-year established Canadian hot tub brand renowned for its engineering prowess, you’ll know that for hot tubs in Leatherhead, you really are making the right choice with Hydropool Leatherhead.

Self-cleaning hot tubs Leatherhead UK

Investing in a home hot tub should only ever be about a relaxed lifestyle. With this in mind, why would you want to spend half your time cleaning and maintaining your tub?

The good news is that for those with their sights set on a quality hot tub, Leatherhead serving Hydropool Surrey offers a range of self-cleaning spa models. With their unique, patented pressurized filter system and fully optimized surface filtration that clears the water every 15 minutes, you get to enjoy the ultimate home spa experience, without any of the hassles. What’s more, with their superior  insulation, the Hydropool self-cleaning hot tub is one of the cheapest to own and run.

Choose from nine energy-efficient options, all feature-packed and ready for you to customize to suit your individual needs. From intimate spas perfect for two or three people, right up to the larger nine-person models, all our self-cleaning home hot tubs come in a variety of cabinet and shell choices. So you really can make your tub your own.

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Serenity hot tubs, for home hydrotherapy

If you are looking to buy a hot tub in Leatherhead for the health and rejuvenation benefits, let us direct you to the merits of the Serenity hot tub. Engineered with input from osteopaths and physiotherapists, this range has always been one of our most highly demanded.

Ergonomically designed and crafted around cutting-edge hydrotherapy technology, the Serenity hot tub range delivers in every respect when it comes to comfort and support. Serenity hot tubs are also customizable to suit your preferences, so you can enjoy your home spa, your way.

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Discover the training and fitness benefits of a home swim spa

An aquatic gym provides the perfect environment for athletic training and fitness, and that’s precisely what you’ll get with a home swim spa. There are two models to choose from.

AquaSport features a streamlined swim tank plus an ergonomically designed anti-slip floor, all primed for the exercises of your choice. Set your ideal water temperature, and enjoy full control over your workout intensity by adjusting the velocity of current as required.

AquaTrainer provides the ultimate daily swim, without leaving the house. With its adjustable current, you get to choose the ideal environment in which to perfect your stroke technique.

Why not come along to our Surrey showroom and try AquaSport or AquaTrainer for yourself? We offer a private, indoor experience complete with changing facilities, and all the advice you need to make the right purchase for your needs.

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All the advice you need for your Leatherhead hot tub purchase

When it’s time to select the right hot tub or swim spa in Leatherhead, you can rely on the expertise of our dedicated team. Our focus will always be on ensuring you make the right choices, and we will give you the unlimited time you need to carefully consider all your options.

We always make certain that our customers never feel rushed when choosing their perfect swim spa or hot tub. Leatherhead customers have given us a host of positive reviews which we are very proud of, but we will never become complacent, always striving to do more to please.

As a family-run business, we genuinely care about customer satisfaction. We take time to understand everyone’s individual needs, because it means everything to us that your home hot tub perfectly suits your lifestyle, budget and home.

Whether your reason for purchasing a hot tub in Leatherhead is purely for its health benefits, or you are more focused on the social aspects, we’re here to make the hot tub buying process an absolute pleasure.

More about Hydropool Surrey

Ready to discover your dream hot tub in Leatherhead? Book your Hydropool Surrey showroom appointment today.

Our beautiful purpose-built showroom in Addlestone, Surrey, not far from the Leatherhead border, offers the perfect environment to browse our hot tub collections. To discover our innovative hot tub collections for yourself, book your appointment today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whatever questions you have about buying a hot tub for your Leatherhead home, we’re here to answer them. Some of our most frequently asked questions follow, but you are welcome to get in touch for personally tailored advice from our friendly team.

Yes! You are very welcome to visit our purpose-built indoor showroom in Addlestone, Surrey to view, sit in and try our demonstration model hot tubs. We offer a pressure-free environment, and you can feel free to try any of our tubs or swim spas without obligation, on any day of the week. Simply use our online form to book an appointment. Changing facilities are provided, and all of our test models, including two swim spas, are located in a warm and private indoor environment for your comfort.
The Hydropool brand offers superior insulation, making the hot tubs amongst the cheapest to own and run. Beware cheap imitations that only offer perimeter insulation, and therefore lose a great deal of heat.
The patented self-cleaning technology is exclusive to the Hydropool brand and provides one of the most hassle-free options when it comes to buying a hot tub in Leatherhead. The system cleans the water every 15 minutes, removing debris from the bottom of the tub as well as the surface. This technology, combined with the brand’s automated chemical feeder, means that with a Hydropool self-cleaning hot tub, you’ll be able to dedicate all your time to enjoyment, and none of it to maintenance.
When buying hot tubs, Leatherhead customers get to take advantage of a competitive range of finance options. When you visit our showroom, we’ll guide you through what’s on offer.

Terms range between 12 and 120 months, subject to status, with our most popular finance package allowing you to set down a minimal deposit, with the balance payable within 12 months interest-free. All finance options are subject to our terms and conditions. For more information, take a look at our offers and finance page.
We offer a 10-year guarantee on all our hot tubs and swim spas. All models are manufactured in Canada by some of the world’s finest engineers, incorporating premium quality components and materials and featuring the most efficient insulation technology.
The features of our hot tubs vary between range and model, and lots of them can be tailored to suit individual needs. Some of the most popular features include:

• Seating options from 2 up to 9 people
• Multi-level seating
• Recliner seats
• Corner seats
• Never-float loungers
• Range of shell and cabinet options to suit personal taste, landscaping or décor
• Zoned, fully-adjustable jetting for personal user control
• Built-in non-slip steps

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