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Looking to buy a hot tub? Uxbridge based? For exceptional engineering, five-star quality the ultimate in family-run service, choose Hydropool Surrey. Where your individual requirements are always top of the agenda, and an array of world hot tubs and swim spas await your personal trial.

For first-rate hot tubs, Uxbridge people choose Hydropool Surrey

There are numerous benefits to investing in a home hot tub. Uxbridge wide, many people are enjoying the renowned physical and mental health advantages of hydrotherapy, as well as the social side of the home spa.

Contemplating a hot tub purchase? You’ll find all you ever dreamt of here at our impressive purpose-built showroom in Addlestone, just 20 miles from Uxbridge.

Combining cutting edge self-cleaning technology and precision engineering, our collection of Hydropool home spas provide hours of relaxation and therapy. The Canadian Hydropool brand is well known for its pioneering quality and 30 years of innovation.

The self-cleaning hot tubs Uxbridge home spa aficionados choose for relaxation without the hassle

Why spend all your time maintaining and cleaning your hot tub, when you can opt for a self-cleaning version and let the technology do all the work?

Featuring a unique, patented pressured filter system, and fully optimised surface filtration that cleanses the water every 15 minutes, Hydropool self-cleaning hot tubs make it possible to fully pamper yourself without ever having to worry about the cleaning chores that are associated with regular hot tubs. What’s more, the superior Therma Shield insulation which is unique to the Hydropool brand makes these tubs some of the cheapest to own and run.

Choose from nine options in various sizes and with your own choice of shell and cabinet colours to suit your individual style.

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Serenity hot tubs… for well-being at home

If your aim for your home hot tub is to resolve physical health issues such as muscle pain or tension, then the Serenity range should suit you perfectly.

Featuring the latest hydrotherapy technology, ergonomically designed and engineered around the unique Versa full-body massage system, the Serenity hot tub range offers a host of therapeutic benefits.

Many of the models are customisable as well, so you can make your home health spa your own, tailoring it to become your own personal home health spa.

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Hydro swim spas, for the Uxbridge homeowner who wants to work out at home using the power of water

Want a way to perfect your swim stroke without going to the pool? Looking to take advantage of aqua training? Our collection of first-rate swim spas is engineered around cutting edge technology, allowing you to swim, jog or exercise at your own personal level, or simply relax or enjoy a post-workout massage.

Hydro training is a mounting trend that is fast being adopted by athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. But whilst some brands of swim spa may be associated with turbulent currents, the Hydropool range delivers a much smoother swim. This is courtesy of its AquaStream jet, which cuts down the wave effect.

Hydropool aqua spas allow you to set your own personal current and temperature to create your perfect training environment. There are models that double as regular home hot tubs too, so you can enjoy the benefits of training combined with relaxation.

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All the help you need to choose your ultimate hot tub in Uxbridge

A family-run team and decades of experience combine here at Hydropool Surrey, forming the perfect environment for you to find your dream hot tub in Middlesex.

We firmly believe that buying a hot tub should be a pleasant experience, so we dedicate ourselves to providing all the time and support needed to help you make the selection that’s right for you.

From guiding you through all the individual features, to choosing the perfect finish and helping you get the most out of your home spa, as well as setting you up with the ideal payment solution, you can rely on Hydropool Surrey.

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Ready to match yourself with your ideal home hot tub in Uxbridge? Book your Hydropool Surrey showroom appointment today.

Our stunning showroom in Addlestone, Surrey, just a short drive from Uxbridge, awaits your visit! To view our range of self-cleaning and Serenity hot tubs and our collection of swim spas, try before you buy and discover for yourself how a hot tub could suit your lifestyle, book your appointment today.

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For the latest news, advice, tips and insights into hot tubs and swim spas, the Hydropool Surrey blog is the place to be.

How are Swim Spas Heated?

Swim spas are smaller than an average swimming pool, but larger than a hot tub. A strong current in the water allows you to swim on the spot, without reaching either end of the spa or having to turn around. If you’re unsure whether to opt for a hot tub or a swimming pool, you may want to think about another option. Swim spas have the benefit of allowing you to work out as well as relax. Here we explore the benefits of swim spas and answer the important question, “how are swim spas heated?”

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All You Ever Needed to Know About Hot Tub Accessories

If you have, or are planning to buy a hot tub, that in itself is an exciting prospect. But have you thought about how you can take your hot tub experience to the next level? Hot tub accessories can make your spa even more appealing. And as all Hydropool tubs have easy lift covers, meaning that you probably won’t need to invest in a cover lifter like you would with other brands of home spa, it leaves you free to splash out and treat yourself to some cool alternative hot tub accessories, instead.

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How to Drain a Hot Tub: Your Ultimate Guide

A hot tub offers a great way to relax. But in order for you to enjoy your hot tub at its best, it’s a good idea to keep on top of the minimal maintenance required. Although self-cleaning hot tubs do as they suggest and keep maintenance to a minimum, you may need to drain your spa of water every now and again. With this in mind, here is our ultimate guide on how to drain a hot tub…

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whatever questions you have about buying a hot tub in Uxbridge, we’re here to answer them. Some of our most frequently asked questions are right here, but you are of course very welcome to get in touch for the tailored advice you deserve.

Of course! We invite you to book an appointment to browse, sit in and try our hot tubs at our purpose-built indoor showroom in Addlestone, just 20 miles from Uxbridge. We never put pressure on our customers to buy, so you can relax and take your time to try all our show tubs and swim spas in complete privacy. Changing facilities are available.
We offer various hot tub finance plans to make it easier to buy your hot tub in Uxbridge. When you come by our showroom, we’ll talk you through the options. Terms can range from 12 to 120 months, subject to status. Many customers opt to pay a small deposit followed by the balance within 12 months on an interest-free basis. Terms and conditions apply to all our finance options.
All our hot tubs and swim spas are supplied with a 10-year guarantee. The Hydropool brand is constructed in Canada by some of the world’s most talented engineers, using only the highest grade components and super-insulation technology, so as well as your guarantee, you have total reassurance of the very best quality.
Self-cleaning hot tubs provide the ultimate in low-maintenance, high-convenience enjoyment. The patented Hydropool self-cleaning system effectively eliminates debris from both the surface and the base of the tub, so 100% of the water is cleansed within just 15 minutes. So there’s no need to concern yourself with chemicals or sanitisers, and definitely no need to vacuum the bottom of the tub.

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