How a Hot Tub can Help Ease Sore Muscles

31st May 2021

We all live stressful lives nowadays, and this can often result in sore, tense muscles. Perhaps you have aches and pains from exercising, you’ve been on your feet for hours on end, or have just been sitting at your desk for too long. Either way, relaxing in a hot tub can really help. Here’s how to get the best out of a hot tub for sore muscles.

Hot tub for sore muscles

A massage for the muscles

If you’ve been wondering, “Does a hot tub help sore muscles?” you’ve probably been asking yourself that question because of the well-known massaging quality of the hot tub jets. These jets naturally create a massaging effect, which is known to help with pain relief and speed up recovery following sporting injuries.

Our Hot Tubs Offer Numerous Health Benefits

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Warm water massage is used as effective pain relief in many aspects of life, and that’s why it’s used often in recovery and in improving athletic performance.

Even if your sore muscles weren’t caused by exercise or injury, your hot tub can really help, because the massaging waters will loosen up any tight muscles and help to relieve aches and pains. Your hot tub will also help you to relax generally, which in itself can help to alleviate aches, pains and stress.

A reduction in lactic acid

The cause of sore muscles is often a build-up of lactic acid. This happens when there is not enough oxygen available to the muscles while they’re working. Energy can be created from the lactic acid, despite the lack of oxygen, which allows your body to continue to work, but lactic acid can build up faster than the body can burn it off. This then causes the lasting muscle pain.

One of the reasons that hot tubs are good for sore muscles is that warm water after intense exercise can decrease the amount of lactic acid in the muscles, which in turn helps to provide pain relief.

Before and after exercise

Did you know that you can also use your hot tub’s soothing waters to warm up prior to exercise? The warm water jets allow your muscles to prepare for exertion, and soaking in your hot tub can also increase your blood circulation, which means that more oxygen will move through the body, helping to prevent the aforementioned build-up of lactic acid.

Using your hot tub before exercise can therefore reduce your chances of injury, as well as increase your performance. It’s well known that prevention is better than cure, and when it comes to your home spa, sore muscles could be prevented by using it ahead of exercise.

In terms of using your hot tub after exercise, be warned that although warm water can soothe sore muscles, it’s important to let your muscles cool down first and completely rehydrate your body before you jump in. Follow a cool down routine, and then enjoy a soak in your hot tub, as if you apply heat immediately after exercise you can cause inflammation to your muscles. If you follow a cool down routine properly, you’ll then be free to enjoy your soak, knowing the good it is doing to your sore muscles.

Soothe office workers’ aches and pains

 How many office workers out there are wondering, “is a hot tub good for sore muscles?”. If you’ve been chained to your desk of late and are feeling the aches and pains of office related work, then a hot tub could really help.

Many office workers suffer from chronic pain because of unhealthy seating positions at desks, or even just the sheer amount of time spent at a workstation. A hot tub could really help you to relax, unwind and also massage those sore, tense muscles away.

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Our Hot Tubs Offer Numerous Health Benefits

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