How are Swim Spas Heated?

5th May 2021

If you’re unsure whether to opt for a hot tub or a swimming pool, you may want to think about another option. Swim spas have the benefit of allowing you to work out as well as relax. Here we explore the questions about heated swim spas, including the methods to heat a swim spa, benefits of heat provided by swim spa and more.

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What are swim spas?

Swim spas are smaller than an average swimming pool, but larger than a hot tub. A strong current in the water allows you to swim on the spot, without reaching either end of the spa or having to turn around. It’s a bit like running on the spot on a treadmill.

At Hydropool Surrey, we offer a comprehensive swim spa range, including the more powerful AquaSport swim spas which suit athletes wishing to train. Alternatively, our AquaTrainer swim spas provide a more relaxing swim.

Swim spas feature powerful jets of water, just like a hot tub, providing a relaxing massage into the bargain. Just like hot tubs, swim spas contain seating, water heaters and options to customise. 

What is the ideal water temperature for swim spas?

A swim spa is much smaller than a swimming pool, so it is easy to keep it heated as there is far less water. Swim spa heating will depend upon how you intend to use it.

If you plan to regularly swim and to practise your stroke, you’ll need the water temperature to be in the late 20 degrees Celsius, as you don’t want to become too hot whilst exercising.

If you plan to use the swim spa more like a hot tub, then you’ll want the temperature to be about 40 degrees Celsius. The great thing about swim spas is that they allow for a wide range of water temperatures.

Should swim spa heating be on constantly?

Heating the water for swim spas depends on how often you plan to use it. If you are using your swim spa on a regular basis, it is far more energy efficient to keep it at a constant temperature rather than turning it off between each use.

If your swim spa isn’t going to be used very often, no need to keep it heated at all times. It might make better sense to switch it off and heat it just before it is going to be used. Be sure however to plan ahead and allow yourself enough time to heat it up before using it.

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Are swim spas energy efficient?

Different factors affect the energy efficiency of swim spas. Just like hot tubs, swim spas can be installed above or in the ground. In the ground swim spas will be energy efficient because the ground acts as an insulator.

Above ground models rely on the insulation of the shell and the water tank to make them energy efficient. Excellent insulation ensures that you are not paying as much for electricity to keep the water warm.

An insulated, well-fitting cover for swim spas is another way to maintain swim spas heating. Hydropool Surrey offers heat shield hard covers as well as insulated thermal blankets.

Energy efficiency can also be boosted by purchasing a swim spa that has a pressurised filtration system. These systems allow the water to be filtered faster, which reduces the energy to keep the swim spa water clean.

Hydropool Surrey’s amazing self-clean technology ensures that 100 per cent of the water is filtered and cleaned every 15 minutes, making it the most energy efficient filtration system in the world.

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Swim spas offer the advantage of combining both a swimming pool and a hot tub. The wide scope of swim spa heating allows you to easily switch between one mode and the other.

At Hydropool Surrey, we recognise the different factors which affect how swim spas are heated, which is why we’re proud of our unique self-clean technology that boosts energy efficiency and saves on swim spa heating.

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You Can Test Our Swim Spas Before You Purchase

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