How do Swim Spas Work?

19th February 2021

Ever wondered how the champion swimmers train? Wondering how to keep up with your swimming training when the pools are closed? The answer lies in the swim spa. But what is a swim spa? And how do swim spas work?

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It may sound unbelievable, but it is actually possible to swim on the spot, without travelling anywhere, but whilst reaping all the benefits of honing your stroke and burning calories. But if you think about what millions of people have been doing on a treadmill for so many years it makes it easier to imagine how swim spas work.

How do swim spas work?

What is a swim spa?

A swim spa is essentially a pool that uses powerful jets to allow its user to practise swimming in a small pool. They are not to be mistaken for spa pools, which is just another name for a hot tub.

How do swim spas work?

Swim spas have a built-in current system that allows for swimming on the spot. They use a jet pump or propeller to push a current towards the swimmer continuously as they swim. The water flows in through filtration and suction inlets just like with a regular hot tub, but the flow rate of the water is faster and the technology more advanced.

What is it like to swim in a swim spa?

It can feel a little different to swim in a swim spa compared to a pool. Some say it is more like swimming in open water due to the natural turbulence, although this does depend on the individual model and the jet style.

What are the features of a swim spa? How deep are swim spas?

Different models of swim spas offer different features. Let’s take a look at the models offered by Hydropool Surrey.

AquaSport is a hot tub and swim spa combined. If you are looking for the best of both worlds, with separate zones for relaxing and exercising, this is the ideal model. Whether you want to swim, jog or exercise, or simply relax, it’s your choice. Plus, as it’s a self-cleaning model, you get to enjoy more you time, and less maintenance time.

If you are looking for a sophisticated swim spa with a deeper tank and a smoother swim, the AquaTrainer is an option. With its ergonomic design and array of engineering innovations including hydrotherapy seats with zone therapy, this is one of the more advanced brands.

The 53cm deep swim tank, with its electronically controlled twin jets make for a smooth swim, and the AquaStream jet and dual performance low intake dramatically reduce the reflective wave effect. And if you’re looking for all this and then some, there’s a model in this range that delivers all the exercise features, with variable resistant swim current, plus on the hot tub side of things there are the thigh abductor jets for lower body massage. This one also features a full lounger, and two full body massage hydrotherapy seats.

Serious about exercise? The Executive Sport provides a wider exercise area and is considered one of the best swim spas on the market. Its patented Current Collector and V-twin jets optimise water flow, allowing you to swim with far reduced turbulence than competitive brands. Need a post-workout massage? Take advantage of the hydro-massage jets, ergonomically positioned at back height. Also take a look at the Executive Trainer with its aquatic running technology designed to burn calories without causing any muscle and joint stress that’s associated with dry land training.

Looking to invest in the benefits of a home swim spa or aqua trainer? Choose Hydropool Surrey.

If you’re intrigued by the concept of a home swim spa, but not quite sure if it’s for you, why not come along to our Surrey showroom and try one for yourself? We offer a private, indoor experience complete with changing facilities, and all the advice you need to make the right purchase for you.

Whether you want to combine relaxation with athletic training, or are serious about perfecting your swim stroke, here at Hydropool Surrey we have the exceptional technology and engineering that create only very the best swim spa models.

To book your appointment to try a swim spa in a non-pressurised environment, or to find out more about the models on offer including spa pools, please get in touch.

Up to 3 Years Interest-Free Credit For All Swim Spas

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