How Long Should You Stay in a Swim Spa?

20th December 2023

If you’re like our team here at Hydropool Surrey, the idea of exercising in the gentle embrace of warm, bubbling water sounds like a slice of heaven.  

But here’s a question that often bubbles up: how long should you stay in a swim spa 

Whether you’re a swim spa newbie looking to invest or someone who has enjoyed the benefits of one for many years, understanding the ideal duration for a swim spa session is crucial for maximising its benefits while ensuring your safety and well-being.  

In this blog, we’re going to give some expert advice on this burning question and help you find the answer. 

Let’s take a look. 

Understanding Swim Spas

Let’s start at the beginning and dig into just what a swim spa is before we get to the main question. 

In a nutshell, a swim spa is a swimming pool replacement that allows you to swim as far as you would like, without moving from one spot. 

Swim spas are typically larger than a standard hot tub but smaller than a pool and cost much less to purchase, install, and run. They are also flexible, meaning they can be moved, which is ideal especially if you’re thinking of moving home as you can take your swim spa with you. 

They come equipped with powerful water jets that create a current, allowing you to swim in place (imagine an underwater treadmill). 

And just like hot tubs, many swim spas have temperature control features so you can set the perfect temperature be it for swimming, aqua aerobics, or running. 

The allure of a swim spa lies in its versatility. It’s not just a spot for relaxation but a space for exercise and therapy too.  

The warm water can soothe muscles post or pre-workouts. The jets offer a gentle massage, and the resistance provided by the water current is excellent for low-impact exercise. 

This all makes swim spas lovely to be in, but how long should you stay inside? 

Man swimming in a swim spa outdoors

Factors Influencing Time Spent in a Swim Spa

The first place to start is with some key factors about the swim spa environment and why you are in it. There are many factors here, including: 

  • Purpose of Use – How long you should stay in a swim spa largely depends on what you’re using it for. Are you looking to unwind after a long day, engage in some aquatic exercise, or perhaps seek some therapeutic relief? Relaxation sessions might be longer, while exercise and therapy might call for shorter, more focused sessions. 


  • Water Temperature – The temperature of your swim spa can significantly impact how long you should stay in it. Warmer water is ideal for relaxation and therapy, but it also means you should limit your time to prevent overheating. Cooler water is better for longer, more intense exercise sessions. 


  • Individual Health Considerations – Personal health considerations play a big role. If you have heart conditions, skin sensitivities, or are pregnant, you should consult your doctor for specific advice. Everyone’s body reacts differently to prolonged exposure to warm water, so it’s important to tailor your swim spa time to your individual health needs. 


A common theme that will run throughout this blog is that a lot of these recommendations are simply suggestions. If there was an Olympic-level swimmer getting in a swim spa, they would be comfortable staying in for longer than a novice. 

A key thing to remember is to listen to your body. When exercising, if you feel discomfort then it’s time to stop.  

A great benefit of a swim spa is that you can do just that, so don’t be afraid to cut your workout short if needed or go for longer if you’re feeling good. 

While it is up to your personal preference, there are some rough guidelines we would suggest. 

17AX Sport

Recommended Time Durations for Swim Spa Exercise

General Recommendations

As a general rule of thumb, 20-30 minutes is recommended for a balanced swim spa session, especially if the water is hot.  

This timeframe allows you to enjoy the benefits without overexposure to the heat. Swimming in a swim spa can be quite an intense workout, and unless you are experienced in the water, this should be enough to burn plenty of calories. 

For High-Intensity Exercise

For exercise that is of high intensity, such as event training, consider shorter intervals of 15-20 minutes with breaks in between, especially if the water is on the warmer side.  

It’s important to listen to your body and take rest periods as needed and as mentioned above, sessions in a swim spa can be intense.  

For Therapy

Therapeutic use, such as for muscle recovery or arthritis relief, might require varying durations based on individual conditions and doctor’s advice.  

Generally, shorter sessions of 15-30 minutes are recommended, focusing on gentle movements or stillness in the therapeutic warmth of the spa. 

Try not to over-exert yourself as you may cause further harm, and again, listen to your body. 

Tips for Longer Swim Spa Sessions

We’ve seen it many times. Your lovely new swim spa gets delivered and all you want to do is stay in for hours on end. 

While this does feel great, there are some tips we would recommend to make sure it’s always the best experience. 

  • Safety Tips – Always stay hydrated, avoid alcohol, and don’t overexert yourself. Pay attention to your body’s signals — if you start feeling dizzy, overheated, or uncomfortable, it’s time to get out. 


  • Post-Swim Spa Care – After your session, it’s important to hydrate, and let your body recover.  Having a swim spa with an adjoining hot tub, such as the 19DTAX AquaSport and 19DTAX AquaTrainer is ideal for this and creates the perfect place for relaxing post-exercise. 

A man and a child having a fun time in a family swim spa

Hydropool Surrey 

The time you should spend in a swim spa varies based on several factors, including the purpose of your session, the water temperature, and individual health considerations.  

While there’s no one-size-fits-all answer, following general guidelines and listening to your body will ensure you enjoy the numerous benefits of your swim spa safely and effectively. 

 Remember, every person’s swim spa journey is unique, so embrace your personal experience. If you need to know more, then get in touch with the team at Hydropool Surrey who are always happy to help.