How to Build a Hot Tub Shelter

31st December 2020

If you’re a hot tub owner, you’ll be well versed in the advantages of spending a few relaxing hours outside, enjoying a spot of socialising and therapeutic massage. Something you may have thought about is whether a hot tub shelter would be a good idea. Shelters certainly have their benefits so, if it’s something you’re considering, read on for our top tips on building your very own hot hub shelter.

Hot tub shelters do a great job of protecting outdoor spas from the elements. They also provide privacy, and can enhance the overall hot-tubbing experience, allowing you to indulge in your tub any time of day, any time of year.

If you are looking at DIY hot tub shelters, you’ll need to consider a few things before you get started on your build. Similarly, if you’re in the market for buying a hot tub shelter, you’ll need to know about the different types available. And we have all the inside information you need!

Hot tub shelter ideas

First things first: how much space do you have available?

When planning a shelter for your outdoor spa, you’ll need to think about what space you have available.

Do you have plenty of room for permanent hot tub enclosure, or do you need to think more realistically about a temporary structure? Remember that your hot tub will need to be serviced and maintained on a regular basis, so, unless you have a self-cleaning hot tub, you will need to ensure there is sufficient access.

Also think about structures and obstacles. For example, if decking takes up a large part of your garden, or you have a patio or lawned area, how will this work with your hot tub shelter?

It’s also crucial to plan for power. Do you want your Jacuzzi shelter to be kitted out with lighting and music? If so, you’ll need to consult an electrician to discuss how to get power into the structure. Make sure it’s not an afterthought!

What do you want to achieve from your hot tub shelter?

Think about the purpose of your hot tub enclosure. Are you looking for something simple that will keep light rain off? Or are you seeking a shelter that will provide a higher level of protection throughout the colder months so you can use your hot tub in the winter?

If it’s privacy you’re after, you’ll need to factor in an enclosure that ensures you’re not overlooked. If this is your goal and you only intend to use your spa from time to time, you could consider a temporary pop-up model.

The purpose of your shelter will have an impact on the type of materials you choose, and it will affect the cost and length of time to build too. For example, a four-wall, brick-built enclosure will be more costly, but it will provide more protection than a screen-lined gazebo and will last you longer too.

Hot tub shelter ideas

You’re going to be faced with a choice of materials for your spa shelter. If you want to keep it natural looking, it’s probably best to opt for a timber shelter.

This will make it look more of a feature, and it will usually work out more economical too. Do bear in mind though that you’ll need to treat it regularly to ensure it remains weather-proof. A plastic or metal enclosure for your Jacuzzi will prove lower maintenance.

DIY hot tub shelters are fine if you’re looking at something simple and perhaps temporary, but for more intricate designs and structures, it’s probably best to engage the services of a builder or garden landscaper to help construct your shelter.

Wooden hot tub shelters

Hot tub shelters constructed from timber are commonly used in garden environments, and can vary in type. A pergola can form a simple minimal enclosure with posts and beams latticed over the top. You can increase your privacy and shade from the sun with a pergola by introducing more plants, or even pinning up sheer curtains that can be draped where needed.

Pergolas can be enhanced by using fence screens around the hot tub to form a semi-enclosure. This design has the advantage of allowing you to screen off or open up views as desired.

Temporary spa shelters

If you’re looking for a shelter that will give you some shade in the summer, you may want to consider a large parasol, sail shade or pop-up gazebo.

Basic gazebos take the form of a canopy and posts, whilst others have screens or drapes which can be pulled or zipped across to increase privacy.

These lightweight solutions are the ultimate in DIY hot tub shelters. Do bear in mind that this type of structure will serve you well if you are seeking shelter from the glaring sun and light rain, but may not work so well for those more inclement weather conditions.

Permanent Jacuzzi shelters

Hot tub shelter ideas for a more permanent type of structure could include a pergola design that incorporates a solid roof, or other built-in features such as seating and a bar area.

You may even wish to go for a brick-built enclosure with a tiled roof. Such hot tub shelters will need more input in terms of time and budget, but they will serve you well year-round and should prove more of a long-lasting investment.

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There is a great deal to think about when building a hot tub shelter, not least the hot tub itself!

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