How to Choose a Hot Tub UK

30th January 2022

If you’re thinking about buying a hot tub, there is plenty to consider. Our hot tub buyer’s guide reveals all you need to think about to make sure you choose just the right hot tub for your needs. From the different types of hot tub, to the various features to look out for, we’ve got it all covered in this guide to how to choose a hot tub.

What’s the Ideal Temperature for a Home Hot Tub?

Inflatable versus permanent hot tub

Whilst an inflatable hot tub may appear a cost effective route into the world of home spas, there is a lot you need to know about these lower end tubs.

Firstly, inflatable hot tubs are plug-and-play, meaning they run on a regular plug rather than being hard wired into a dedicated power supply. This may be convenient, but you’ll find the jets considerably weaker and certainly not capable of delivering a decent hydrotherapy massage.

What’s more, the components that make up an inflatable hot tub tend to be lower quality than their permanent counterparts. Plus sitting in inflatable plastic is nowhere near as comfortable as relaxing in a moulded acrylic spa. They’re round in shape rather than square, so less people can fit in.

Finally, most inflatable hot tubs leak huge amounts of heat, which means they take forever to heat up, and cost a fortune to run. So whilst an inflatable hot tub may appear a good deal, when it comes down to it, it’s actually a false economy.

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Above ground or in-ground hot tub

An in-ground hot tub is a home spa that is sunken into your garden landscaping. The alternative is to site your hot tub above ground.

The thing to think about with an in-ground hot tub is the cost of the landscaping, as well as maintenance. Maintenance can be a lot more challenging for in-ground hot tubs, as obviously they are a lot less accessible. So if there is a problem with your home spa, you’ll need a specialist to deal with it, and may well need to excavate to get to the route of the issue.

You’ll also have to make sure you have a level base, with sufficient floor loading. Our guide to creating an in-ground hot tub will help you work out whether this is an option for you.

In-ground hot tubs do look appealing, so you’ll have to weigh up aesthetics against budget and maintenance.

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Clean it yourself or self-cleaning hot tub

When you buy a hot tub, you no doubt think more about how you’ll enjoy it. How you’ll relax, soothe those tired muscles and have fun with friends.

You won’t be thinking about how you’ll need to keep it clean. Balance the chemicals. Clean the sides and floor, and make sure the whole thing is sanitised and safe for use. But those are responsibilities you will definitely need to take care of. Unless you invest in a self-cleaning hot tub.

A self-cleaning hot tub naturally filters, the water, extracting debris into the high flow skimmer and pre-filter so that the water is kept clean and the pump and heater don’t get clogged up. Any heavier debris drops to the bottom, and is cleaned via the HydroClean floor vacuum. What’s more, the pressurised  micro-filtration system cleans 100 per cent of the water in just 15 minutes, ensuring you are bathing in clean water at all times, without ever having to lift a finger to clean the hot tub yourself.

It’s very important to take steps to avoid white mould forming in your hot tub. The best way is to make sure the correct chemicals and filtration are used regularly. Keeping the surfaces clean is vital.

Hydropool hot tubs feature unique self-clean technology, ensuring that 100 per cent of the water is cleaned and filtered every 15 minutes. This technology also removes debris such as white water mould from the top and bottom of your hot tub, taking the stress out of your home spa experience.

What size hot tub?

When you are considering the best hot tub for your needs, you should make sure it is big enough to accommodate as many people as you anticipate hosting.

Try to go for the smallest tub you can. This way, you’ll get more features for your money. You may be looking forward to entertaining in your home spa, but how often will that actually happen? If it’s going to be a regular thing, then you may be justified in splashing out on a larger model. But if it’s only going to be occasional, then you should really think about your own personal preferences.

You’ll also need to think about whether you actually have the space for the hot tub you have your eye on. As a general rule, you’ll need 12” of clearance on three sides and a minimum of 18” around the side where the control panel sits.

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