How to Clean Hot Tub Filters

29th May 2022

Making sure your hot tub is kept clean is not just essential to ensuring you enjoy it at its best, it’s also vital to keep the spa running smoothly.

One of the core ways of keeping a hot tub clean is to look after its filter, with regular cleaning and replacement. The more you put into keeping your hot tub filters clean, the more you’ll get out of it in terms of maximised efficiency, reduced need for chemicals, and enhanced jet power.

So, let’s take a look at how to clean jacuzzi filters, together with some useful advice on just what a hot tub filter does and why it’s so important to keep them clean.

How to clean jacuzzi filters

What is a hot tub filter and how does it work?

In a Hydropool hot tub, dirty water flows through the filter via the circulation pump, then passes through the heater to warm up, and then out through the jets. This circulation process makes sure you enjoy clean, warm water at all times, and that you can reap the benefits of hydrotherapy.

The filter plays an important role in this process, as it makes sure that the water passing back through the pump and heater is clean. So, if there is any issue with the jacuzzi filter, there is likely to be an issue down the line.

Dirty filters can lead to low flow, where the sensors don’t detect sufficient flow through the heater, so it cuts out for safety. Low flow can also lead to strain on the pump, slower heating and reduced power through the jets.

They can also cause dirty water. This is because the jacuzzi filter plays an important role alongside the hot tub sanitiser in keeping the tub clean. Clogged or dirty filters can affect the clarity of the water as well as its cleanliness, and can also reduce the efficiency of the sanitisation, causing you to have to use too much chlorine or bromine.

All of this can put a strain on parts. Dirty filters can push debris into the heater, pumps, sensors and other vital working parts of the Hydropool spa.

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How to clean jacuzzi filters

There are various ways you can clean hot tub filters. Let’s have a look at the best ways to do this.

Basic rinse

The easiest way to clean your hot tub filters, and recommended as a weekly task. This is not a deep clean, simply just a quick rinse to remove major debris. Do be aware that it won’t remove any grease or oil, so if your filter is heavily soiled, you’ll need to move on to one of the next two options.

For the basic rinse, turn off the jacuzzi hot tub at the isolator switch. Remove the filter, then use a hose to rinse it all around, including inside the pleats. Make sure you let the filter dry before putting it back in the tub. This will reset the fibres, making the filter more effective.

Instant Filter Cleaner Spray

Recommended every two to four weeks, this process will help to remove grease and oils from your hot tub filter.

After turning off the hot tub at the isolator switch, remove the filter and give it a quick rinse to remove any major debris. Then spray the filter’s surface thoroughly with an instant filter cleaner spray. Be sure to wear gloves, a mask and eye protection whilst carrying out this task.

Leave the filter to stand for around 15 minutes, then use a soft brush to remove any remaining debris. If the filters are significantly soiled, you may need to repeat the entire process.

Finally, give the filter a thorough rinse before drying it out and returning it to the jacuzzi spa.

Filter Soak

This is the most thorough hot tub filter cleaning process, but also the most time consuming. It involves using a degreasing solution to soak into the pleats of the filter. Because it takes a while to do, you may want to undertake it at the same time as a water drain, which is recommended every three to four months.

Turn off the hot tub at the isolator switch, remove the filter and rinse to remove any major debris. Place a filter soak solution in a bucket, following the instructions carefully. Place the filter in the solution, and leave to soak for at least eight hours. You’ll need to wear gloves, a mask, and eye protection.

Once the eight hours are up, rinse the filter thoroughly. Be sure to take time to do this properly, as otherwise when you get the hot tub back up and running, you’ll experience foaming. Also be sure to dry the filter before returning it to the spa.

Is there an alternative to all this hard work?

If you’d prefer to spend more time relaxing in your jacuzzi spa and less time cleaning the filters, there is, thankfully, a solution.

A self-cleaning hot tub, such as those designed by Hydropool, uses an exclusive, patented self-cleaning filtration system. You can forget everything you know about jacuzzi filter cleaning.

Rather than drawing in water through the filter, this system directs water in through a pre-filter basket before entering the pump and then being forced through the filter.

The result is that 100 per cent of the hot tub water gets cleaned every 15 minutes. There is also a built-in floor vacuum to suck up dirt and debris from the hot tub floor, so it is less likely to clog the filters. What’s more, an automated chemical feeder keeps the tub safe and healthy without any thought or effort on the part of the user.

Self-cleaning 395 Hot Tub

Looking for a self-cleaning hot tub to sidestep cleaning hot tub filters?

If you’re not taken by the chore of having to remove or clean jacuzzi filters, a self-cleaning hot tub from Hydropool Surrey could be the ideal solution.

The pioneering technology ensures that all of the water is cleaned and filtered regularly so that you can focus on enjoying your jacuzzi spa, rather than maintaining it.

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