How to Decorate Around a Jacuzzi Tub

13th May 2022

If you’ve treated yourself to a hot tub so that you have somewhere to escape and relax after a hard day, or a place to socialise with family and friends, good for you. The next step is to complete your home retreat by decorating or landscaping around your tub. That way, you get to create the ultimate haven. Not sure where to start? Read on for our top ideas on how to decorate around a jacuzzi tub or a hot tub.

How to Decorate Around a Jacuzzi Tub

Add a privacy screen

A privacy screen has obvious practical benefits, but have you thought about using screening to decorate around your jacuzzi tub? This could be a creative decor idea if you’re fond of your hot tub privacy.

A spot of creative landscaping using the likes of mature plants, trees and bushes can provide excellent privacy for your hot tub. Evergreen hedges can provide sound proofing as well as privacy, but do remember that you’ll need to keep them well pruned, as some species such as Leylandii are very fast growing.

But if you’d rather not take on the maintenance of natural landscaping, then a fence or privacy screen could be the answer. There is some very attractive, ornamental screening available, and you can take it a step further and adorn it with ambient lighting, plant pots and accessories to really bring this hot tub screening idea to life.

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Build a gazebo or pergola

If you’re looking to create an entertainment space around your hot tub, a gazebo or pergola could make the ultimate surround.

Creating a shelter for your hot tub offers many benefits other than decorative ones. A roof will safeguard any wiring you have for lighting, and the power to your jacuzzi will be protected too.

Do consider though that the more elaborate or enclosed your hot tub shelter is, the more important it is to think about ventilation. Rising steam from a tub can easily collect on the ceiling and cause issues, so you may need a fan or other solution to improve airflow and prevent condensation which could lead to mould.

Set your hot tub into a deck

If you’ve been wondering how to decorate around a jacuzzi tub, you may wish to consider decking. Setting a hot tub into a deck can create a spacious look. Add a few plants in pots, some lounge furniture, lighting and other décor to personalise the space as your own.

Some people opt to sink a hot tub into the ground, and a deck is one of the easiest ways of doing so. An in-ground hot tub is easier to get in and out of, and really does streamline the sight lines within the garden. Do remember to leave a suitable rise above the deck to allow your hot tub deck cover to fit.

Create a bench surround

An alternative to a sunken hot tub is to create a bench seating area around it. Choose a composite material for easy maintenance, and select a colour that blends into your outdoor space.

A bench surround is the perfect way to decorate around a jacuzzi tub, especially if socialising is top of your agenda. You can add cushions, or build in recesses for plants to really set it off.

How to Decorate Around a Jacuzzi Tub

Landscape around your hot tub

When thinking about how to decorate around a jacuzzi tub, consider how you will be using it. If you’re going to be entertaining, your landscaping should reflect that in terms of practicality and safety. But of course, you’re going to want it to look amazing too!

There are lots of great ways to decorate and landscape around your hot tub. From creating a rockery, to building a platform so that you can take in the views; from laying a lawn, to setting a natural stone patio, applying a splash of imagination will help you achieve the perfect hot tub haven for your home.

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