How to Get Your Hot Tub Winter Ready

17th December 2020

Tips on using your hot tub in winter

When it comes to using a hot tub, there are so many benefits. As a hot tub owner, you’ll have enjoyed many of these already. From easing sore muscles and helping to soothe a range of medical symptoms, to boosting mental health, promoting better sleep and generally enhancing your mood, it is no wonder so many people become hooked on the hot tub experience.

But when winter sets in, what to do? Do you carry on enjoying the warmth and relaxation that your home spa has brought you over the brighter months? Or is it time to put a lid on things and wait until the weather becomes a little kinder? How wise is it to use your hot tub in winter?

If it’s time to make a decision about what to do with your hot tub in winter, read on for our expert tips. Whether you’re planning to carry on indulging through the winter, or you are more of a fair weather user looking to make sure your tub is well-protected as the temperatures plummet, we have all the advice you need.

Warm Up in Your New Hot Tub This Winter

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To hot tub, or not to hot tub in winter?

This is your key decision. If you are taken by the idea of sinking into that temptingly warm water no matter the weather, as many people are, it’s important to bear something in mind. Because the outside temperature is that bit lower, your tub’s heating system will have to work that bit harder to keep the water at your perfect temperature, which could result in higher heating bills.

If you’re still excited about the thought of using your hot tub in winter, the following advice is for you. Here are our top hot tub tips for winter.

How to prepare your hot tub for winter use

The first thing to think about is preparing your home spa for winter use.

Check your hot tub cover

Heat loss generally comes from the surface of the water, so it’s vital to make sure the tub’s cover is in tip top condition.

So, run a thorough check. Look for any signs of the cover bowing, or rising at the corners. Any lifting will release heat and push those energy bills up even further. Also make sure the cover is secured in place in case of any wintery high winds.

If your hot tub cover has seen better days, it is probably time to invest in a new one. Choosing the best quality your budget will allow means you get to enjoy the highest possible levels of protection.

Think of practical measures too. In the warmer months, you may leave your cover off. But during the winter, you’ll need to replace it after each use. So think, is the cover manageable? Is it light enough to handle, whilst still ticking all the durability and quality boxes? There are plenty of options from which to choose, so be sure to take your time and select what’s best for your needs.

A floating thermal blanket is also worth considering. These are designed to sit on the surface of the water and prevent the heat from rising. They also protect the underside of the hot tub cover. Try not to be tempted into purchasing an economical version though, as they are liable to disintegrate, which can lead to serious issues with the pipework and pump system of your Jacuzzi.

Drain and clean your hot tub

It is good practice to change the water in your outdoor spa before the colder months set in. A thorough clean ahead of those frosty days is wise, because cleaning a hot tub in winter is no pleasant task. If however you have a self-cleaning hot tub, then you won’t need to worry about this step.

Check the water level

And keep checking it. This is especially important if you haven’t used your tub for a while. Should the water level drop too low, then your pump and heater may risk shutting down, which could lead to frozen water, and expensive or lasting damage.

Top tips for using your hot tub in winter

Now you’re ready to make use of your whirlpool during the winter, here are some top user tips to help enhance the whole experience.

Turn down the jets

Whilst full-on jets are wonderful for soothing weary muscles, they can cool the tub down. This is because jets draw in air from outside, which reduces the temperature of the water. So turn them down a little, and save the full power mode for the summer.

Be mindful of soak times

Tempting as it might be to go for that extra-long winter soak, it is advisable not to over-do it, because your body can overheat. With the outside temperature that bit lower, this could cause symptoms of hypothermia. So be sure to set your timer before sitting back and relaxing in your Jacuzzi.

Be prepared to get indoors

It’s always a good idea to be ready to retreat from your Jacuzzi should the wind whip-up or the heavens open. Keep a stock of dry towels, bathrobes and flip-flops handy so you’re ready to head indoors on the quick should the need arise.

Invest in a hot tub umbrella

Lots of people adore using a hot tub in winter, and for those whose tubs aren’t permanently undercover, a hot tub umbrella makes a great investment. During the winter, a Jacuzzi umbrella will keep the blazing sun off your shoulders, and come winter, it’s the rain that will be kept away. Outdoor spa umbrellas are also useful for protecting the tub itself from the sun.

How to shut your hot tub down for winter

If you’ve decided against using your home spa over the winter, then here’s what you need to do for maintenance:

Drain your tub

Should you drain your hot tub in winter? Should you add water to the hot tub? If you don’t circulate the water in your hot tub, it will freeze and damage the plumbing or other components. So if you don’t plan on using it, drain it. 

This includes all the components, jets and fittings, including the air blower if there’s one installed. Once all the water is drained in your tub, shut down the heating system and then run the air blower for 30 seconds to push any remaining water out. 

Also use a wet-dry vacuum cleaner to blow air through all the jets individually to ensure there is no water left at all.

Check the filters

A spa tub that’s shut down for any period of time will benefit from having its filters removed and cleaned. Once you’ve taken them out, keep them out until you are ready to start using the tub again. This is also a good opportunity to check whether the filters need replacing.

Clean the tub

Once the tub is empty, it’s time to give it a thorough clean to ensure all the bacteria is blitzed so that nothing can fester over the shutdown period. Hot tub maintenance in winter is imperative.

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Warm Up in Your New Hot Tub This Winter

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