How to Have a Glamourous Hot Tub Party

16th September 2021

One of the great things about having a hot tub is that you can invite friends and family around to socialise. A hot tub party gives a focal point to any kind of event. 

Here we look at how to host a swim spa party, and provide some glamorous hot tub party ideas.

Hot tub party ideas

Hot tub party lighting ideas

Before the hot tub party, take some time to prepare the area around the hot tub to make it look warm and inviting. Nothing sets the tone more than lighting, so make sure you have some lovely outdoor lights ready and working to set the scene.

Fairy lights draped around the walls of the surrounding hot tub party area will work well, or you could opt for lanterns or candles. Just make sure any candles are placed in areas where they can’t be knocked or kicked over.

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Hot tub party ideas – drinks and snacks

No hot tub party is complete without a tempting selection of food and drink. Make sure you’ve got something to sustain your guests, whether it’s light finger food, or a full meal prepared ready to sit down after your swim spa party.

What drinks will you serve during your hot tub party?

Cocktails, champagne or Prosecco are all worthy glamorous party pool drinks!

A word of warning though… drinking alcohol in hot tubs shouldn’t be done for a long period of time as it can make bathers feel ill, so it’s a good idea to have plenty of drinking water and soft drinks on standby too. It could also be wise to practise moderate drinking at your hot tub party.

Music for your hot tub party

Just like lighting, music will help to set the scene for your party pool swim spa.

It’s worth spending the time creating a playlist before your hot tub party so that you don’t have the stress of finding songs to play whilst socialising.

Hot tub house party ideas

It’s not recommended to spend too much time in a hot tub, so think about what other activities you could do to keep your guests entertained for the rest of the evening.

This might include games, a pampering session, watching a movie or simply chatting and dancing. Either way, you’ll need to think about how your guests will move into your house whilst maintaining the glamourous feel and without soaking the floors!

Have plenty of spare towels and robes on hand so that your guests can dry off and change, and designate certain rooms for people to get dressed in private whilst the party goes on.

Hot tub party theme

Finally, it’s a good idea to give your hot tub party a theme which can set the tone for the other party areas such as food, drink, music, decorations and entertainment.

Themes can vary wildly and will depend upon who the party is for and what the occasion is, but some of our favourites include a tropical theme, movie night theme, a surfing theme, fancy dress or craziest swimming costume theme, and a family fun day theme.

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