How to Have the Perfect Staycation at Home

23rd June 2021

It looks like foreign travel will be off the agenda for most of us this year. Holidays in this country have become so popular that many places have already become booked up for the summer. Here we look at how some different ideas, including investing in a home spa and trying a variety of activities, can help achieve a holiday environment with a staycation at home.

Home spa staycation

Invest in a home spa

You might not be able to travel abroad, so why not invest in a home spa kit which will give you years of pleasure and entertainment instead? With a hot tub or swim spa, you can relax in the soothing warm water and enjoy the therapeutic benefits of a relaxing massage.

Indulge in some time to yourself, or for more of a party atmosphere, invite some friends or family round to socialise together. Get the barbeque going, and, if you’re lucky with the weather, relaxing by a home spa will truly feel like a holiday environment!

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Create your own spa day at home

Indulge in some pampering on your staycation at home. Spend some time looking after your nails, having a face mask, and relaxing with a good book. No spa day would be complete without a soak, so be sure to unwind by sinking into your home spa.

Later, slather on the moisturiser and give your hair an expensive treatment perhaps with a cocktail in hand. You are on holiday after all!

Sleeping outside

To get a true staycation at home feel, why not try sleeping somewhere different? How about camping out under the stars? Pitch your tent in the garden or make a den inside with the kids and fill it with pillows and duvets.

Changing where you sleep, even within your own home, will help create a holiday atmosphere.

Try something different

With a staycation at home, now is the time to try something different. Indulge in an activity such as kayaking, horse riding or abseiling; something that you may have wanted to try for ages but never got around to.

If this all sounds too active or ambitious, how about a day trip somewhere that you’ve never been before, or you could try cooking a luxurious new meal or booking a table to eat out at a new restaurant? And when all is done, you can sink into your relaxing home spa to top off a wonderful day!

Lose track of time

When you’re on holiday, you rarely check your watch. Whether you’re on the beach, at a spa or sight-seeing, time doesn’t matter. Take the same approach at your staycation at home by hiding or avoiding your clocks, or leaving your watch off.

Take a break from your phone, email messages, social media and the news. You will be surprised at how relaxed and liberating this can be, just like being on holiday!

For the ultimate staycation at home, invest in a quality self-cleaning hot tub from Hydropool Surrey.

Recreate a holiday atmosphere at home this summer. During a staycation at home, remember that this is your time to rest rather than getting bogged down in the usual chores.

Investing in a home spa will help you and your family relax this summer and for many years to come. Our family run business, established over 35 years, prides itself on quality home spas and exceptional customer service.

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