How to Hold a Hot Tub Christmas Party

18th November 2021

There’s nothing quite like relaxing with friends in a warm hot tub whilst the weather outside is on the chilly side. So, as we approach the festive season, why not take the opportunity to hold a hot tub Christmas party? It’s something that’s sure to be fun for all the family. Tempted? Read on for our top tips for Christmas pool party ideas.

Hot tub Christmas party

First up: make plans

The best hot tub Christmas party is one that is well-planned. Think about who you will invite. Keep it small and intimate, and limit guests to the number you can fit in your hot tub.

Set up some seating areas around your hot tub, so everyone has somewhere to relax when they’re not in the tub. If you’re planning on moving indoors afterwards, think about what you’ll be doing and where.

Remind your guests to bring towels, swimsuits and a warm dressing gown, and have some spares on hand in case anyone forgets.

Next: clean your hot tub and prepare it for winter use

You can’t have a festive hot tub party with a dirty hot tub! So make sure yours is sparkling clean before your guests arrive, ensuring that all the chemicals are well-balanced and the water and surfaces are immaculate.

This will be a total breeze if you’ve chosen a self-cleaning hot tub, rather than one you have to labour over yourself.

Preparing a hot tub for winter use takes a bit of time, but it’s well worth it when you think of all the social and health benefits.

Now: decorate your hot tub area

For fancy Christmas party ideas, prepare your hot tub backdrop with some sparkling Christmas decorations. Christmas lighting is key, so wrap some twinkly fairy lights around the fence, shrubs or pergola area near your hot tub so that you have a festive outlook whilst enjoying your soak.

Plant or pot mini Christmas trees close to your hot tub area and decorate them with baubles, or try hanging baubles on nearby shrubs or trees.

And here’s an idea… why not turn your spa – the focal point of your hot tub Christmas party – into a hot tub Christmas gift by wrapping a giant waterproof ribbon around the outside of the tub? Everyone will the gesture!

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Think about music and food for your hot tub Christmas party

Set the scene for your home spa Christmas party by creating a festive playlist. Connect your speakers and you’re ready to relax whilst listening to some festive classics.

Any good party needs food and drinks, so make sure there’s plenty of bowls of crisps, dips and nuts on hand for your guests to enjoy. Offer warming drinks like hot chocolate, or you could opt for some celebratory fizz or a mulled wine. Just remember that you should limit the amount of alcohol whilst soaking in the hot tub.

If you’re offering guests something more substantial to eat after your hot tub Christmas party, we suggest something easy that can be made before your guests arrive. Chilli or stew from a slow cooker is perfect, and an excellent way to warm up once you’ve dried off and got dressed!

For a stress-free hot tub Christmas party, choose a self-cleaning hot tub from Hydropool Surrey.

A hot tub Christmas party is a great way to relax and chill out with friends during the festive season.

If you’re thinking about buying a new hot tub, do it now so that you and your family can enjoy a hot tub Christmas party and make good use of it over the holiday period. Take a look at the range of self-cleaning hot tubs by Hydropool Surrey for more information.

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