How to Remove Mould From Your Hot Tub

19th May 2021

Hot tubs are meant to be a place for relaxing and unwinding in, but hot tub mould can make the experience stressful and unsatisfying. Here, we look at the most common culprits for hot tub mould, how to avoid it and how to remove mould from a hot tub.

How to remove mould from a hot tub

What is white water mould in a hot tub?

White water mould looks like lots of little white flakes in the water. This type of mould grows in damp areas such as swimming pools, hot tubs and dehumidifiers. Caused by a mixture of bacteria and dead skin cells or body oils, white water mould flourishes in hot tub plumbing, and can become rife if the filters are not well maintained or the incorrect amount of sanitisers are used.

White mould in a hot tub builds up where the water has insufficient circulation, and will cling to surfaces when the water is inactive, for example if the pump is switched off for long periods of time.

What causes white water mould in a hot tub?

White mould in a hot tub can live in the plumbing where it is moist and damp. Certain factors can enhance the conditions for white mould to fester and grow.

These include draining your hot tub and then waiting days before re-filling it; leaving the lid on your hot tub open which allows white mould to move into your hot tub; and cross contamination from other items that already contain white mould, such as children’s bath toys.

How to treat and avoid white mould in a hot tub?

The best way to avoid white mould in a hot tub is to ensure that the correct chemicals and filtration are being used on a regular basis.

Failing to carry out the necessary sanitisation processes, even for a little, while can lead to white mould growing and breeding. By the time you notice white flakes in the water of your hot tub, white water mould may already have been established for a good 6 to 8 weeks.

Prevention of white water mould in a hot tub is far better than the cure which is a lengthy process involving de-contaminating the water with chlorine.

You should:

  • Regularly clean the surfaces of your hot tub
  • Rinse your hair, body and swimming costumes before entering your hot tub, and clean toys to prevent cross contamination
  • Make sure that the water in your hot tub keeps moving so that it is kept cleaned and filtered. This is important to remember when the tub is not being used for a while.

The Hydropool brand of hot tub features unique self-clean technology, ensuring that 100 per cent of the water is cleaned and filtered every 15 minutes. This technology also removes debris such as white water mould from the top and bottom of your hot tub, taking the stress out of your home spa experience.

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Hot tub mould is unsightly, unhygienic and can be a real headache to sort out. The key is to ensure that mould cannot take hold in the first place.

The range of self-cleaning hot tubs from Hydropool Surrey eliminates the worry of how to remove mould from a hot tub. The pioneering technology ensures that all of the water is cleaned and filtered regularly.

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