Hydropool Hot Tubs & Swim Spas in Guildford

If you are considering buying a hot tub in Guildford, make Hydropool Surrey your first port of call. With a state of the art showroom located just 20 minutes away in Addlestone where you can try a selection of hot tubs and swimming spas before you buy, a 10-year guarantee across all our Hydropool spa models, and four decades of family-run, industry experience ready to tap into, you will be in the safest hands with your hot tub purchase in Guildford.

Hydropool… the hot tub brand Guildford people trust for quality

Looking for a trusted hot tub company in Guildford, Surrey? Hydropool offers a range of premium quality hot tubs and swimming spas in Guildford that feature pioneering self-cleaning technology and cutting edge design.

The Canadian Hydropool brand is globally revered for its outstanding quality. Established for three decades, Hydropool can be depended upon for comfort, durability and unsurpassed engineering, all of which combine to deliver many hours of enjoyment and relaxation. Not sure which Hydropool model to choose for your home in Guildford? Our friendly, expert team is on hand with all the advice and personal service you need to make the right decision.

Meantime, let’s take a look at some of our most popular selling Hydropool self-cleaning hot tubs in the Guildford, Surrey area.

Hydropool 570 self-cleaning hot tub in Guildford

The Hydropool patented filtration system provides the ultimate home spa experience, without the hassle of cleaning and maintenance. There are nine different self-cleaning, energy-efficient options available in the range, including the Hydropool 570 gold and platinum models which offer a spacious interior and multi-level seating.

The Hydropool 570 is a best-selling, 5-person home spa incorporating a never-float lounger, four full seats and non-slip, built-in steps for easy access. The Hydropool 570 gold features 30 jets, whilst the platinum has 40 plus an extra pump. Upgrade to a Tranquillity or Hydrotherapy pack for enhanced enjoyment. The Hydropool 570 price starts from £11,250.

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Hydropool 720 self-cleaning hot tub

The Hydropool 720 is a 7-person hot tub, ideal for larger families. With its spacious footwell, non-slip steps and expansive barrier-free design, there is plenty of room to spread out and enjoy all the relaxing benefits of this premium grade hot tub in Guildford.

The Hydropool 720 forms part of our 55-jett Platinum Series, featuring a stainless steel, fully adjustable, high volume hydrotherapy jetting system for a soothing massage and invigorating spa experience. Upgrade to a Tranquillity or Hydrotherapy pack for an even more memorable experience, and enjoy all the benefits of the Hydropool self-cleaning technology. The Hydropool 720 price starts from £14,950.

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Hydropool 495 self-cleaning hot tub

The Hydropool 495 hot tub is another best-selling self-cleaning model. This is a 4-person spa with a never-float lounger, an S-shaped immersion lounger and two full seats. This tub also features built-in, non-slip steps for easy access.

If you are looking for a true 4-person home spa in Guildford, the Hydropool 495 hot tub is one of the few true models in its class. Choose from the gold model with 30 therapy jets, or the platinum with 40 jets. The Hydropool 495 price starts from £11,250.

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Guildford swimming spas, for hassle-free home training and fitness

The Hydropool swim spa range in Guildford, Surrey brings together exceptional quality with the ultimate in home training and fitness.

If your ambition is to install a home hydro gym, take a look at AquaSport. With its fully customisable current and temperature settings and ergonomic anti-slip floor, you can create the perfect training environment. If on the other hand you are seeking to perfect your stroke, then the AquaTrainer will allow you to swim for miles on the spot, without having to give over half your garden to a traditional swimming pool.

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Ready to choose your perfect home hot tub in Guildford? Book your Hydropool Surrey showroom appointment today.

Our beautiful purpose-built showroom in Addlestone, just a short drive from Guildford, provides the ideal environment to peruse our exclusive Hydropool hot tub and swimming spa collections. To try before you buy and to discover what our home spas have to offer for yourself, book your appointment today.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whatever questions you have about buying a home spa for your Guildford home, we’re on hand to answer them. Some of our most frequently asked questions are right here, but you are of course very welcome to get in touch for the tailored advice you deserve.

You are very welcome to arrange an appointment to view, sit in and try out our hot tub range at our purpose-built indoor showroom in Addlestone, a short drive from Guildford. There is no obligation and no pressure to buy. We offer changing facilities, and all of our test models, including two swim spas, are situated indoors for your convenience and privacy.
We offer a range of competitive finance options for your Guildford hot tub purchase. A member of our team will explain what’s on offer when you visit our showroom. Terms range from 12 to 120 months, subject to status. Our most popular option allows you to pay a small deposit with the balance payable within 12 months, interest-free. All finance options are subject to our terms and conditions.
If you are buying a hot tub in Guildford, you'll be pleased to know that a 10-year guarantee is offered on all our Hydropool hot tubs and swim spas. All products are crafted in Canada by some of the world’s most skilled engineers, using the highest quality components and materials together with the most efficient insulation technology, so you can rest assured you’ll be able to enjoy your hot tub for many years to come.
The patented, highly advanced Hydropool self-cleaning technology removes debris from both the surface and the bottom of the hot tub, meaning that 100% of the water is cleaned within just 15 minutes and making Hydropool the easiest home spa in the world to maintain.

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