Hydropool Vs Arctic Spa: All You Need to Know

18th January 2021

If you’ve been doing your homework on home hot tubs, and have whittled your choice down to Hydropool vs Arctic Spa, then you may be looking for helpful spa comparison information to steer your choice. Here we will answer some of the key questions you will be asking, including how hot tub running costs, day to day usage and maintenance match up across the brands.

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Hot tub maintenance

When it comes down to it, most people buy a home hot tub for the relaxation aspect. So it stands to reason that you won’t want to spend lots of time maintaining your spa. So, how do Hydropool and Arctic Spa compare on this front?

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Arctic spa maintenance

Arctic Spa hot tubs use a suction side filtration system. This relies on the pumps to slowly suck water through the filters, whilst also drawing water through from suction pumps installed near the bottom of the tub. This means that only around half of the water that goes into the filtration system is actually filtered. The remainder simply passes through the pump, and back out through the jets.

Whilst this is a common filtration method for hot tubs, the fact is that because the tub contains such a high volume of water, it really isn’t ever going to be thoroughly filtered in this way. This will lead to you needing to keep a close eye on your sanitiser levels, and likely adding clarifying chemicals on a regular basis, as well as having to manually vacuum the bottom of the tub to keep the water clean.

Hydropool maintenance

Hydropool on the other hand makes use of its exclusive, patented self-cleaning filtration system. Instead of drawing water in through the filter, the system sees water entering through a pre-filter basket before going into the pump and then being forced through the filter.

Not only is this a more efficient filtration system, it also means that 100 per cent of the water that goes in actually gets cleaned, every 15 minutes. What’s more, the built-in floor vacuum sucks up dirt and debris from the bottom of the hot tub, so there is never any need to manually vacuum the spa floor. And even better, the automated chemical feeder keeps your tub safe to use without ever having to give it a thought.

So, Hydropool vs Arctic Spa for ease of maintenance? It has to be Hydropool.

Hot tub running costs

Not all home hot tubs are created equal when it comes to energy efficiency and running costs.

Whilst most are of a similar size, their insulation, pumps and other features do tend to vary quite considerably.

The Hydropool home spa brand is fitted with two layers of Therma Shield insulation. Firstly, there is one layer protecting the tub’s shell. This helps to keep heat in. The other layer is fitted around the outer cabinet and floor. This one protects the plumbing elements from extreme weather conditions, and utilises the waste heat that’s produced by the pumps and heaters to further heat the water and boost energy efficiency.

Hydropool pumps are known to be considerably more efficient than pumps fitted in other brands of home spa. What’s more, the self-cleaning filtration is that efficient that Hydropool tubs only need to run for 6-8 hours a day to keep the water clean and clear.

The great thing is that you can set the filtration to operate during off-peak hours and, if you don’t plan to use the hot tub for a while you can set it to run on economy mode, which will save you even more.

Arctic spa insulation and running costs

The suction side filtration system that Arctic Spa hot tubs use has a negative impact on energy efficiency. Because this system doesn’t work to clean the water efficiently, it means it needs to run 24/7 just to keep the water clear and safe.

Furthermore, Arctic Spa hot tubs only feature a single layer of insulation around the cabinet and floor, which means heat escape can be an issue.

So, Hydropool vs Arctic Spa for hot tub running costs? Hydropool comes out on top.

Hydropool vs Arctic Spa? Time to decide.

It is safe to say that Hydropool hot tubs are industry leaders, and pioneering in terms of maintenance and energy efficiency.

Hydropool has been around for a lot longer than Arctic Spa, 30 years in fact. It is an established and trusted brand, backed by decades of research and development, and exceptional Canadian engineering. This is precisely why Hydropool’s features are way more advanced in terms of design and quality.

Self-cleaning Hydropool hot tubs from Hydropool Surrey

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