Hydropool vs Endless Pools: Which Spa to Choose?

29th March 2021

Been doing your homework on swim spas and wondering which brand is best suited to your needs and budget? If you’ve been comparing the pros and cons of swim spas from Hydropool and Endless Pools, read on for a comprehensive swim spa comparison and useful summary as to how the two brands match up when it comes to maintenance, insulation and, most importantly for swim spa buyers, swim current.

Swim Spas Endless Pools vs Hydropool

Swim current

Swim current has to be one of the most important considerations when choosing a swim spa. What you don’t want is too much turbulence, and unfortunately, some brands fall down in this respect.

Hydropool and Endless Pool differ in how they generate their swim currents. Thankfully though, both have been engineered to help reduce turbulence as you swim.

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AquaTrainer by Hydropool is powered by a pair of powerful swim jets. These spread the current evenly over a wide area, whilst at the same time dissipating turbulence courtesy of swim fins that prevent the water from swirling around.

Endless Pool swim spa range on the other hand power their currents via a turbine. This forces water through a swim grate, reducing the swirling motion created by the turbine, resulting in a smoother current.

Both Hydropool and Endless Pools therefore offer a smooth swim current that is a breeze to swim against. Hydropool, however, offers enhanced sophistication in terms of electronically adjustable V-Twin jets for an even smoother swim, together with a single, powerful AquaStream jet, all backed up by Dual Performance Flow Intake Valves that dramatically reduce the reflective wave effect  and backwash for an improved swim.

19EX Trainer

Current power

In terms of current power, Hydropool swim spas produce a current capable of reaching speeds of up to 10km per hour. Endless Pool swim spaces on the other hand can only get up to around 6.5km per hour. For the novice swimmer, this isn’t necessarily an issue. However, more advanced swimmers may find this lack of power frustrating.

Current control

Next we look at current control. This is important, because everyone will have different needs in terms of the strength of the current, depending on how advanced their swimming ability and training goals are.

Both Hydropool and Endless Pool swim spas allow the user to control the swim current, increasing or decreasing in line with ability.

Hydropool has the edge, however. The AquaPro controls allow the user to set a consistent speed, together with pre-set interval training programmes that automatically change the speed of the current to enhance the workout.

Swim spa maintenance

It really is so important to consider maintenance when you are comparing swim spas to purchase. If you are not enamoured by the thought of constant cleaning, the art of filtration and chemical mixing, then you are going to want to seriously think about how much looking after your swim spa will be needed.

Filtration is a crucial feature. Without a good filtration system, the water will quickly turn cloudy due to a build-up of contaminants. If you don’t want to pay out for chemicals to deal with this, and would rather spend your time simply enjoying the swim spa, think carefully here.

Endless Pools range employs a hot tub style filtration system. Whilst this is fine for a regular hot tub, it’s not so great for a swim spa, as these are too large for it to be effective. Hydropool, though, makes use of its patented self-cleaning technology.

This system sees 100 per cent of the water that enters the spa actually getting cleaned every 15 minutes. There’s also a built-in floor vacuum that sucks up dirt and debris from the bottom. Even better, the automated chemical feeder keeps your swim spa safe to use without any input from you.

How do swim spas work?

Swim Spa insulation

Something you should always give due consideration to is how well insulated your swim spa is. Without decent insulation, you could be losing a great deal of heat, which could push up your swim spa running costs.

The Endless Pool swim spa range features a good insulation system, but Hydropool trumps it courtesy of a dual layer of Therma Shield insulation.

The first layer protects the shell and keeps the heat in, whilst the second one takes care of the outer cabinet and floor. All good when it comes to protecting the plumbing aspects, especially when you’re using the swim spa during the winter.

Self-cleaning swim spas from Hydropool Surrey, for the ultimate water-based home training and fitness experience

At Hydropool Surrey, we have been supplying hot tubs and swim spas for 35 years. Our range of exceptional quality swim spas is one of the most highly rated the world over, and in many cases, rated above the Endless Pools range and regular swimming pools.

To try a Hydropool swim spa for yourself, you are welcome to visit our custom built indoor hot tub showroom in Addlestone, Surrey, where privacy and pressure-free expert guidance are all for the taking.

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