Hydrotherapy and Hot Tubs: All You Wanted to Know

27th March 2021

Soaking in a therapeutic hot tub after a long, hard day is an appealing way to unwind and relax, but there are plenty of other advantages too, hydrotherapy being one of them. But what exactly is hydrotherapy, and how does it benefit physical and mental health? Join us as we explore the subject of hydrotherapy, including expert tips on what to consider when buying a therapeutic hot tub.

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What is hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy is the use of warm water to treat certain health conditions such as arthritis. It is used to  ease discomfort in the body, and promote relaxation and general well-being.

Therapeutic hot tubs help as part of hydrotherapy, because the combination of warm water and powerful spa jets help to massage the body. The buoyancy of the water also aids relaxation and eases tension in the body. 

Hydropool Hot Tubs Offer Personalised Hydrotherapy

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What are the benefits of hydrotherapy?

Hydrotherapy offers a host of benefits and can be effective in treating a range of ailments.

Health conditions

Hydrotherapy can help alleviate certain specific conditions such as arthritis and fibromyalgia. Symptoms such as painful joints, stiffness, demobilisation, muscle pain and fatigue can all be effectively treated with warm water therapy.

The warm water from a therapeutic hot tub is known to ease pain and discomfort, as well as promoting relaxation and reducing anxiety. Soaking in salt water is said to help relieve inflammation in the muscles and relieve soreness.


Sleep is an essential part of the body’s well-being. Getting enough sleep increases energy and the ability to function during the day.

If you suffer with poor sleep or insomnia, you may find that the regular use of a therapy hot tub, especially in the evenings, can aid relaxation and help you sleep better.


Hydrotherapy can be used to treat emotional and mental health issues as well as physical conditions.

The warm, massaging water of a therapeutic hot tub can help to calm and relax the body. It also helps to release endorphins in the brain, which reduces feelings of stress and anxiety.

A good soak at the end of a tough day is the ideal way to let go and release daily anxieties that are so typical of life today.


The massage from therapeutic spas allows oxygen to flow freely through the body and this helps to ease any spasms or trapped nerves. The buoyancy of floating in warm water also relieves any weight-bearing injuries and helps increase movement in these areas.

What to consider when buying a therapeutic hot tub?

To fully enjoy the benefits of hydrotherapy, you should be using your therapeutic hot tub on a regular basis, ideally every day. For the best therapy hot tub, you should consider the following points before making your purchase:

Ease of maintenance

The easier it is to maintain your therapy hot tub, the more benefit you will gain from it. Hydrotherapy baths are supposed to be all about rest and relaxation, so the last thing you’ll want is a home spa that takes it out of you in terms of cleaning and maintenance.

Make use of self-cleaning hot tub technology, and be sure to choose a tub with a cover that’s a breeze to handle, especially important if you are using hydrotherapy to treat a physical condition.

Fit for purpose

Are all hot tubs equally good for you? 

Well, if hydrotherapy is your main objective when buying a hot tub, be sure to choose one that is designed for purpose because not all hot tubs are designed with hydrotherapy in mind.

Some are more for leisure use. So, go for a hot tub that is engineered around health and well-being. A tub that is ergonomically designed for your ultimate comfort and that promotes the natural buoyancy you need to derive maximum advantage.

Serenity therapeutic hot tub

Why choose a Hydropool Serenity therapy hot tub?

The Hydropool Serenity range of hot tubs is designed specifically around hydrotherapy. Here’s why this range makes the perfect choice for your wellness regime.

Hydrotherapy design and wellness programmes

Hydropool has spent over 35 years perfecting the design of the Serenity therapy hot tub to optimise the benefits of hydrotherapy. Engineered to fully support the body and provide maximum comfort, Serenity hot tubs are designed in conjunction with physiotherapists and osteopaths.

Serenity hot tub jets are strategically designed and placed, allowing you to focus the massage on a specific area of your body. Select a specific wellness programme from the automated panel, and adjust the focus for areas such as back pain, relaxation and insomnia.

With the Serenity therapy hot tub, you have the option to choose either fresh or salt water in your therapeutic spa. You can also opt to customise your therapeutic hot tub by incorporating additional features, such as recliner seats or multi-level seating.

Unique self-cleaning system

Hydropool patented self-cleaning hot tubs remove debris from the bottom and the surface of the hot tub, meaning that all of the water is cleaned every 15 minutes.

This ensures the lowest possible levels of maintenance, leaving you free to concentrate on your warm water therapy.

10-year guarantee and low running costs

 At Hydropool, we offer a 10-year guarantee on all our hot tubs. Our double layer shell offers the most efficient insulation, making it energy efficient and keeping running costs low.

In addition, the self-cleaning technology means you won’t have to replace the water on a regular basis, which again cuts hot tub running costs.

For the ultimate hydrotherapy bath experience, choose Hydropool Surrey for a therapeutic hot tub

At Hydropool Surrey, we have been trusted for our expertise in hot tubs for over three decades. Our Serenity range of therapeutic hot tubs is one of our most popular lines. Why not try one for yourself? Make an appointment at our purpose-built hot tub showroom in Addlestone, Surrey, and take your time to indulge in the benefits of hydrotherapy in a warm and comfortable private setting.

For personalised advice on hydrotherapy tub benefits, and a therapeutic hot tub range designed to boost wellness, you are welcome to get in touch today.

Hydropool Hot Tubs Offer Personalised Hydrotherapy

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