How Much Does a Hydrotherapy Pool Cost (2023)

24th November 2022

Hydrotherapy pools are very popular with people suffering from injuries, stiff muscles and other issues impacting their movement.

Sometimes, people go to the local swimming pool for hydrotherapy sessions. Many people prefer to get hydrotherapy hot tubs to use in their gardens, where they can enjoy a hydrotherapy session any time they want.

Man chilling in a hydrotherapy pool while child is smiling in the background

But how much do these hydrotherapy pools cost? There are two main factors to consider to get an answer:

  1. The purchase cost
  2. The running cost

In this guide, we’ll look at both these hydrotherapy pool costs so you will have a better idea about how much you can expect to pay.

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Hydrotherapy Pool Cost: Factors that Affect the Purchase Cost

At Hydropool Surrey, we have two ranges of hot tubs: Self-Cleaning Hot Tubs and Serenity Hot Tubs.

This second category, Serenity Hot Tubs, has been designed to provide hydrotherapy and massage benefits. They have been designed with help from osteopaths and physiotherapists for this purpose.

Several factors affect the costs of hydrotherapy hot tubs:

  •       Size – Generally, larger models with more seats are more expensive than smaller models.
  •       Features – The features of the hot pool, like the number of hydrotherapy jets it contains, also affect its price.
  •       Materials – Hot tubs made using premium materials tend to last longer and provide a better user experience, but they are also more expensive.

Hydrotherapy Pool Price: Other Considerations

It’s also important to consider the durability of your hydrotherapy pool.

A durable hot tub is a better investment because it is designed to last longer. Our hot tubs last 20 years or more if you take good care of them. This can save you money compared to buying one that lasts half as long and then buying another new model. 

The warranty is also important. With a longer warranty, you can be sure you won’t have to spend extra money on your hydrotherapy pool if it develops a fault. Our hot tubs all come with a 10-year warranty for your complete peace of mind.

The type of pool you get is also important. Most models are for people, but dog hydrotherapy pools are becoming popular too. Generally, a canine hydrotherapy pool will cost less than a pool for humans because they are smaller.

Our Hydrotherapy Models

All of our hot tubs are premium models made from high-quality materials. But they also have different prices to make them suitable for various budgets.

For example, the Serenity 4300 is a three-person hot tub that is less expensive than Serenity 6800, which fits six people.

Beautiful sea view with a hot tub installed on a deck

They come across a range of prices, but because they come in various options, including different shell and cabinet choices, we ask that you request a quote to get the precise cost.

Hydrotherapy Pool Construction Cost

Hydrotherapy pools are normally delivered as finished products, but installation may involve a cost.

At Hydropool Surrey, we provide delivery and installation free of charge, so that’s one less cost to worry about.

Hydrotherapy Pool Running Costs

As well as the price you pay for your hydrotherapy hot tub, you must also consider the cost of running it to get an overall idea of how much it will cost.

Hot tubs use electricity, but perhaps less than you might expect – especially if they are energy-efficient models like Hydropool models.

Our hot tubs cost, on average, between £1 and £2 a day to run. But several factors affect how much your hot tub will cost to run.

First and foremost is your energy tariff. If you are on a more expensive tariff, you will spend more running your hot tub. As such, it might be worth switching to a cheaper tariff for a quick way to save on your bills.

Hydrotherapy pool shining in the night next to dining table

Here are some of the other factors that affect running costs:


Larger hot tubs use more energy on average compared to smaller models. This is because they use more energy to heat the larger volume of water and keep it at the right temperature.


Hot tubs need to maintain the water at the right temperature, so they are ready to use when you want. If you turn your hot tub off, you’ll have to heat it again, which will use more energy.

Good insulation will ensure the hot tub uses less energy to keep the water warm. Our hot tubs have two layers of insulation, and features like the HydroWise Heat Shield Hardcover are designed to lock the heat in. They are designed for the Canadian winter, after all.


Highly efficient pumps keep the hot tub clean, using less energy than less-efficient pumps.

More efficient pumps can cut down energy use because they keep the water so clean you don’t have to change it as frequently.

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Pool Usage

How you use your hot tub can make a difference to the running cost, and there are several factors to consider.

If you use it more, it will typically use more energy. So, for example, if you use it in the winter when the ambient temperature is lower, it will use more energy than in the summer.

If your hydrotherapy pool is exposed to the wind, this also forces it to use more energy to maintain the water temperature. This is why it’s important to position it out of the wind or construct a barrier.

Hot tub working in a rural setting

Hydrotherapy pools are worth the investment

Hydrotherapy pools are a great option for anyone who wants to benefit from the power of hydrotherapy to help with injuries and stiff muscles.

A hydrotherapy hot tub may cost less than you think. Take the above factors into consideration when choosing a hot tub, and use the tips outlined to reduce running costs.

Remember that we provide financing at Hydropool Surrey to help you buy your hot tub. Feel free to ask us about this if you have any questions, and browse our range of hydrotherapy hot tubs today.