Integrating a Swim Spa into Your Daily Wellness Routine

20th December 2023

In our fast-paced world, finding ways to maintain wellness and fitness at home has become more important than ever.  

With long commutes to local gyms and awkward class timetables to try and squeeze into busy schedules, it can be tough to find the time to really work on yourself.  

Enter the swim spa: a versatile tool that allows you to exercise on the spot, boosting both physical and mental health. 

Here at Hydropool Surrey, we’ve seen the benefits of these first-hand. If you live in or around the Surrey area, you can reap the rewards of a swim spa, as long as you can fit them into your daily routine. 

In this blog, we’re going to explore how you can integrate a swim spa into your routine, enhancing not just your physical health but also your mental well-being. 

Let’s take a look. 

Understanding the Wellness and Fitness Benefits of Swim Spas

To really get to the grips with the many benefits of swim spas, you must first start with how they work 

A swim spa is basically a combination of a swimming pool and a treadmill. A constant flow of water allows someone to swim whilst staying in the same spot.  

This means you don’t need a huge space to swim as far as you would like, and it comes packed with benefits.  

Physical Health Benefits of Swim Spas

Swim spas offer a fantastic way to keep fit.  

Whether you’re swimming against the gentle resistance of the jets or engaging in aqua aerobics, these versatile pools provide a low-impact, high-efficiency workout that is perfect for all ages and fitness levels.  

Regular use can lead to improved muscle tone, enhanced cardiovascular health, and weight loss as you burn calories with every session. 

Mental Well-Being Benefits of Swim Spas

But the benefits of a swim spa go beyond the physical.  

Immersing yourself in the warm, soothing waters can be a significant stress reliever.  

The calming effect of water combined with the hydrotherapy jets can help to ease tension, promote relaxation, and improve sleep quality. 

It can feel great if you are suffering from injury to have the water supporting your body, and even while doing a workout you can feel nice and relaxed. 

The Holistic Approach of Swim Spas

Incorporating a swim spa into your routine supports a holistic approach to wellness.  

It’s a space where physical exercise meets mental relaxation, creating a balanced lifestyle right in the comfort of your backyard. 

If you work in the city or have a busy schedule which barely allows you to leave the office, this is a great solution to have at your home that can allow you to switch off for a period of time while you exercise. 

Swim Spas

Setting Up Your Swim Spa for Daily Use

The key to setting up a swim spa that is handy and efficient for everyday use is in two things:  

  • Location and Accessibility – To make the most of your swim spa, it should be easily accessible. Choose a location that is both private and convenient. Whether it’s stepping out onto your patio or a short walk across your garden, easy access will encourage regular use. 


  • Creating the Right EnvironmentThe environment around your swim spa is just as important as the spa itself, with many being placed in purpose-built garden rooms or covered by pergolas for added style and substance. Consider adding plants, outdoor seating, or soft lighting to create a tranquil area that invites you to step in and unwind. This will increase the wellness factor and leave the space feeling much more inviting. 

Developing a Daily Swim Spa Routine

Morning Sessions

Start your day with a morning swim or soak.  

It’s a refreshing way to wake up your body and clear your mind, setting a positive tone for the rest of the day.  

Even a quick 15-minute session can make a significant difference and leave you feeling invigorated for a day’s work ahead. 

Afternoon Workouts

In the afternoon, your swim spa can transform into an exercise hub.  

Use this time for more vigorous swimming, water jogging, or resistance exercises.  

It’s an excellent way to release the stresses of the day and keep your fitness routine varied and enjoyable, and still provides you with some time at night to unwind knowing your exercise routine is done. 

Before Bed

Before bed, a more relaxed, meditative time in your swim spa can help you unwind, as long as you are using one of our DTAX range which comes with stunning added features. 

The warm water can soothe your muscles and prepare your body for a restful night’s sleep. On the other hand, if you have some pent-up energy left over from the day just gone, why not release it with a vigorous swim that will leave you feeling more than ready for sleep? 

Just leave a short gap in between your exercise and your attempt to go to bed to let the adrenaline wear off. 

When you are doing a late session, choosing a swim spa like the 19DTAX AquaSport is ideal, as you can use the hot tub that joins onto the spa to relax and wind down after your exercise. 

17AX Sport

Integrating a Swim Spa with Other Activities

For many people, they have plans to focus on different aspects of fitness, and a swim spa can form a great part of a wider routine.  

For example, if you are really focusing on wellness, and adopting some yoga or meditative practices, then why not use the sound of the water or even go in the pool itself to create the ideal serene environment? 

All swim spas, like the 14AX Sport, come with padded non-slip mats which makes it extra comfortable and safe for doing running, aqua, aerobics, and yoga in the water. Here at Hydropool Surrey, we also have a library of online fitness videos where our personal trainers can take you through a class to get you started. 

A swim spa is also great after other exercise methods, such as walking, as it can warm you up and loosen your muscles before you finally relax for the day. 

Something like the 19DTAX AquaTrainer can be a real benefit here with thigh abductor jets included for lower body massages in the water. 

And for people looking to improve their bodies, ensuring a healthy diet coincides with the use of the swim spa is essential, and having something like a protein shake or piece of fruit after a workout can really help to replenish your energy levels without undoing your workout efforts. 

Overcoming Challenges in Daily Integration

Of course, not all of us have much time in a day to spare for other activities. If this sounds like you, then this section may help, as we run through some of the key issues and how a swim spa can overcome them. 

Time Management – One of the biggest challenges to daily swim spa use is finding the time. Schedule your spa sessions just like you would any important appointment. Even short sessions can be beneficial, so don’t feel pressured to spend hours in the water. 

Seasonal Adjustments – Your swim spa routine might change with the seasons. In colder months, you might prefer shorter, warmer soaks, while summer might invite longer, cooler swims. Adjust your routine to suit the season and your comfort level. 

Tracking Progress and Adapting Your Routine

Keep track of your physical and mental health improvements after a period of time using the swim spa.  

You should begin to notice increased stamina, better sleep, or a more relaxed state of mind.  

Celebrate these milestones as they come and use them to spur you on to keep going. 

It is also important to be flexible with your routine.  

If morning swims aren’t working for you, try evenings. If you find certain exercises monotonous, switch them up. The key is to find a rhythm that feels both enjoyable and sustainable. 

Man swimming in hot tub

Hydropool Surrey

Integrating a swim spa into your daily routine is a commitment to your overall wellness.  

It’s about creating a balance between physical activity and mental relaxation.  

Remember, the goal is to enhance your quality of life, so approach this integration with patience and a willingness to adapt.  

And if you’ve read this blog and think you now have the time to fit a swim spa into your daily routine, then get in touch with the team at Hydropool Surrey today