Is a Hot Tub Good for Back Pain?

14th March 2022

Most people, at some time in their lives, will experience some form of back pain. A common cause of lost days at work, back pain has grown to be a problem on a global scale, and can be difficult to treat with everyday painkillers and anti-inflammatories which will often have limited effect.

Because of this, many people are turning to alternative remedies which is leading to them asking, is a hot tub good for back pain?

Is a hot tub good for back pain

Hot bath for back pain

Hot tub therapy for back pain dates back to ancient times with hot baths and springs having been used to help ease lower back pain for thousands of years.

Back then, the ancient Egyptians, Romans and Greeks didn’t have any idea why hot baths were easing their pain, they just knew they were effective.

Nowadays however, courtesy of clinical studies, it has become apparent precisely how hot tub therapy for back pain works.

Hot tub for back pain… how does it work?

Let’s dig into the benefits of hot tub therapy, specifically for back pain. A hot tub is good for back pain for a number of reasons.

Firstly, the warm, soothing water of a hot tub encourages good circulation of the blood. This boosts healing.

Secondly, hydrotherapy is effective in reducing pain signals being sent from the back to the brain.

Hydrotherapy involves the use of warm water to treat certain health conditions. It is used to ease discomfort and promote relaxation and general well-being.

Therapeutic hot tubs support hydrotherapy thanks to an effective combination of warm water, and powerful spa jets which massage the body. The buoyancy of the water also aids relaxation and eases tension in the body, which is another reason a hot tub is good for back pain.

Try Hydrotherapy in a Hot Tub for Your Back Pain

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What to consider when investing in a hot tub for back pain?

In order to achieve optimum benefits when investing in a hot tub for back pain, it is important to choose your model wisely. You’ll need to consider, for example, how many massage jets the tub is fitted with, its seating configuration, and whether the tub is designed with hydrotherapy in mind.

Not all hot tubs are created equal. Some are designed more for leisure and social use rather than for health and well-being. What you need, if you are looking to reap the benefits of hot tub therapy for back pain, is a tub that is ergonomically designed and that promotes natural buoyancy.

Hot tub for back pain

Hot tub massage jets

For back pain, you’ll need to choose a hot tub that has plenty of massage jets which can be targeted at the parts of your body that need attention. But as well as the quantity of massage jets, you’ll want to be thinking about quality.

Just because a hot tub has 100 jets doesn’t mean it’s going to deliver the best treatment for back pain. Be sure to look for a hot tub that provides a focused hydrotherapy massage system. Generally this will involve fewer but more target jets that you can fix specifically on your lower back.

Hot tub seating

Hot tubs will range greatly in terms of size and seating. Some will be suitable for socialising with friends and will have a number of seats.

However, if you are buying a hot tub for back pain, then you’ll need to invest in a model that offers comfortable, quality seating.

There really is no point investing in advanced massage jet technology when the hot tub seating is letting you down, and the jets are failing to reach the body parts that need pain relieving attention.

The best thing to do is visit your local hot tub showroom and try a selection of models for yourself so that you can determine which best suits your needs. In doing so, you can make sure that the jets are located in the right places to get to the crux of your pain, and that you feel comfortably seated.

Hydropool hot tubs for back pain

For more than 35 years, Hydropool has been perfecting the design of the Serenity hot tub for back pain and other ailments.

Engineered to support the body in optimum comfort, Serenity hot tubs have been designed in conjunction with physiotherapists and osteopaths.

Serenity hot tub jets are cleverly designed and placed, allowing you to focus the massage on a specific area of your body. You are also able to choose a particular wellness programme from the automated panel, and adjust the focus for specific conditions, such as back pain.

At Hydropool Surrey, we have been trusted for our expertise in hot tubs for over three decades. We produce the best hot tubs for back pain and many other ailments.

Why not make an appointment at our purpose-built hot tub showroom in Addlestone, Surrey, and discover the benefits of hydrotherapy in a comfortable private setting?

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