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Romantic Jacuzzi Date Night Ideas

There’s something so wonderfully romantic about hot tubs. They give us the opportunity to relax within the privacy of our own home and to enjoy the intimate company of our special someone. A jacuzzi date night is the perfect opportunity to simply enjoy each other’s company, talking and spending quality time together away from the humdrum of everyday life. Ready for a jacuzzi date night? Prepare yourself, and read on for our favourite romantic hot tub ideas, including how to make the build up to your jacuzzi date night something truly special!

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What are the Pros and Cons of Swim Spas?

Swim spas offer many benefits. They suit any level, from beginner through to professional swimmer, as well as offering social use as a hot tub. They take up far less space than a swimming pool, and offer the added advantage of year-round enjoyment. Swim spas also give you the chance to swim every day in the privacy of your own garden, and without going to the expense of a full swimming pool. But are they the right choice for you? Here we look at the pros and cons of swim spas so you can make the choice for yourself.

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How a Hot Tub can Help Ease Sore Muscles

If you’ve been wondering, “Does a hot tub help sore muscles?” you’ve probably been asking yourself that question because of the well-known massaging quality of the hot tub jets. These jets naturally create a massaging effect, which is known to help with pain relief and speed up recovery following sporting injuries. We all live stressful lives nowadays, and this can often result in sore, tense muscles. Perhaps you have aches and pains from exercising, you’ve been on your feet for hours on end, or have just been sitting at your desk for too long. Either way, relaxing in a hot tub can really help. Here’s how to get the best out of a hot tub for sore muscles.

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How does a Hot Tub Ozonator Work?

When purchasing a hot tub, you’ll no doubt want to ensure that you’re spending more time enjoying your hot tub than maintaining it. Many people believe that hot tubs involve a lot of upkeep, but one of the joys of investing in a Hydropool self-cleaning hot tub is the fact that a hot tub ozonator is built into the Pure Water Technology, making it simple to keep your hot tub’s water clean and fresh at all times. An ozonator works in conjunction with the chlorine and bromine used to clean the hot tub to sanitise the water, but due to its UV light technology, it uses less of these chemicals.

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Using a Hot Tub Before and After a Workout

When you exercise regularly, your body is in a constant cycle of regeneration. Working out puts stress on muscles and joints, but thankfully there are ways to ease that stress so that muscle soreness and fatigue don’t get in the way of your regime and you can get on and enjoy an active lifestyle. One such solution is using a hot tub before and after a workout. If you can weave in a 10-minute soak either side of your workout, not only will you find it easier to reach your fitness goals, you could also boost your competitive edge too.

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How to Remove Mould From Your Hot Tub

White mould can live in hot tub plumbing where it is moist and damp, and can build up where the water has insufficient circulation. It will cling to surfaces when the water is inactive, for example if the pump is switched off for long periods of time. Hot tubs though are meant to be a place for relaxing and unwinding in, but hot tub mould can make the experience stressful and unsatisfying. Here, we look at the most common culprits for hot tub mould, how to avoid it and how to remove mould from a hot tub.

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How to Create an In Ground Hot Tub

Want your home hot tub to look like a custom built-in spa that blends in perfectly with your garden landscaping? Then you’re going to want to look into creating an in ground hot tub. An in ground spa can be sunk partially or fully into the ground, providing a far more integrated and streamlined look than a hot tub that simply sits atop a patio or deck. With some careful thought and planning, in ground jacuzzis can seamlessly merge into their surroundings, whether that is brick paving, stone slabs, wood, stones or even an artificial lawn.

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How are Swim Spas Heated?

Swim spas are smaller than an average swimming pool, but larger than a hot tub. A strong current in the water allows you to swim on the spot, without reaching either end of the spa or having to turn around. If you’re unsure whether to opt for a hot tub or a swimming pool, you may want to think about another option. Swim spas have the benefit of allowing you to work out as well as relax. Here we explore the benefits of swim spas and answer the important question, “how are swim spas heated?”

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All You Ever Needed to Know About Accessories

If you have, or are planning to buy a hot tub, that in itself is an exciting prospect. But have you thought about how you can take your hot tub experience to the next level? Hot tub accessories can make your spa even more appealing. And as all Hydropool tubs have easy lift covers, meaning that you probably won’t need to invest in a cover lifter like you would with other brands of home spa, it leaves you free to splash out and treat yourself to some cool alternative hot tub accessories, instead.

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How to Drain a Hot Tub: Your Ultimate Guide

A hot tub offers a great way to relax. But in order for you to enjoy your hot tub at its best, it’s a good idea to keep on top of the minimal maintenance required. Although self-cleaning hot tubs do as they suggest and keep maintenance to a minimum, you may need to drain your spa of water every now and again. With this in mind, here is our ultimate guide on how to drain a hot tub…

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What to Look for in a Massage Hot Tub

For many, a hot tub is all about health benefits. The ultimate hydro-massage experience comes courtesy of a combination of warmth, buoyancy and, importantly, massage. This special blend has the power to relieve muscle and joint tension, ease aches and pains, reduce anxiety and stress, and induce full body relaxation. The question is, when health benefits mean everything, what to look for in a massage hot tub?

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Hydropool vs Endless Pools: Which Spa to Choose?

Been doing your homework on swim spas and wondering which brand is best suited to your needs and budget? If you’ve been comparing the pros and cons of swim spas from Hydropool and Endless Pools, read on for a useful summary as to how the two brands match up when it comes to customisation options, maintenance, insulation and, most importantly for swim spa buyers, swim current.

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