Mistakes To Avoid When Purchasing A Swim Spa

12th February 2020

Hot tubs and swim spas are becoming much more popular across the UK and many people are choosing to add family fun to their home. Whilst a hot tub is a great solution for many, swim spas have their own additional benefits and this is usually enough to sway people in their direction.

Thanks to the huge range of swim spas that are now readily available on the market it is easier than ever before to choose the perfect swim spa for your garden. Having said that, if this is the first time you’re purchasing something like this then, this can be confusing and there are lots of common buying mistakes that you will want to avoid. To help anyone currently browsing swim spas, Hydropool Surrey have put together a list of the mistakes that are easiest to make.

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Swim spa pool sizes

When it comes to choosing the right swim spa, size is crucial. It can be easy to rush into purchasing a small swim spa because of the price, but taking some time to think about the size you need is essential. Otherwise, you can almost guarantee you won’t get much use out of your swim spa. You need to make sure that the swim spa is the right length and height for the people that will be using it. Also, consider how many people will be using the swim spa at once.

Swim spa location 

Not taking into account space and measurements when purchasing something new is a common occurrence and it happens frequently with swim spas. Lots of people choose to install theirs on a patio or a deck, but you must ensure that you consider the fact that you will need space for people to move around the swim spa too. Always take measurements with you to a showroom and be realistic about the amount of space that you actually have.

Swim spa prices

It goes without saying that when swim spas are concerned, price is a clear sign of quality. Whilst you may think you’re getting an amazing product for a great price, this often isn’t the case. Yes, your upfront cost may be less, but your maintenance will probably be costly and it may not last as long as you’d expect. Ensure that you ask about maintenance, cleaning and warranty when you’re looking at a swim spa and take this into account when you’re given a guide price.

Swim spa installation 

It can be so easy to turn down professional installation especially if the prices seem steep but, trust us when we say this is one installation you don’t want to DIY. Of course, swim spas use electricity, something that should always be left to the professionals. Save yourself time and hassle, and probably money in the long run, by asking your dealer to install your new swim spa for you. You can guarantee you will thank yourself for this.

Swim spa dealers 

There are so many dealers that claim to offer the best swim spas, but the products they are producing are most likely inferior compared to others on the market. It is always important to consider exactly where the products are manufactured, as this can highlight how much time has been spent designing the swim spa. For example, the Hydropool Surrey hot tubs have been produced in Canada, where things like the swim current have been taking into consideration – as we understand that what you require is a strong current that produces a smooth swim.

Not taking the time to find a reputable dealer is one of the biggest mistakes people can make. Always research dealers, as well as manufacturers, read reviews and ask questions. You want to find out as much as you can from replacement parts and chemicals required to the length of warranty and services needs.

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Now that you’re aware of the most common mistakes people make when purchasing a swim spa you can ensure that you avoid them when purchasing yours. Even though it is an incredibly exciting time for you and your family, taking your time and making sure you make the right decision will be much better for you all in the long run.

If you’re searching for the perfect hot tub or swim spa for your home, visit the Hydropool Surrey website or showroom today. We have a huge range of different products for you to choose from, all of which are made to the highest standard and designed to last. Our experts will ensure that nothing is overlooked when you’re browsing and that you end up purchasing the best product for your needs and requirements. You can trust that you are in safe hands with Hydropool Surrey.