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Resistance swim spas by Hydropool Surrey are the perfect way to swim every day. Explore our wide range of luxury resistance swim spas and hot tubs.

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Aquatic Swim Spa Collection

AquaSport Swim Spas - for the everyday athlete, AquaTrainer Swim Spas – for the perfect swim


14AX Sport

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14AX Trainer

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17AX Sport

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17AX Trainer

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19DTAX AquaSport

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19DTAX AquaTrainer

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Executive Swim Spas for Sale

Evolution of the Perfect Swim.


16EX Trainer

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19EX Trainer

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Play Swim Spas for Sale

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13FFP AquaPlay

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Unbeatable Experience And Quality

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Premium Swim Spas, No Compromise.

Hydropool have dedicated over 35 years to perfecting the science and the technology behind the hydrotherapy and have custom crafted each Hydro swim spa to provide a balanced and soothing swimming experience.

Here at Hydropool Surrey, you can view our beautiful indoor showroom and explore our innovative luxury swim spas for sale first hand. Changing facilities are available so you can try our Hydropool swim spas and range of hot tubs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Whatever questions you have about buying a hot tub or resistance swim spa for your home, we’re here to answer them. Some of our most frequently asked questions are right here.

In certain brands of swim spas, the current can be turbulent, resulting in a laboured swim. However, Hydropool resistance swim spas and spa pools feature electronically adjustable V-Twin jets plus a single, powerful AquaStream jet which together spread the current evenly over a wide area. The Hydropool brand of swim spa also dissipates courtesy of Dual Performance Flow Intake Valves which dramatically reduce the reflective wave effect and backwash. All this makes for a smooth, comfortable swim.

What’s more, Hydropool resistance swim spas also allow users to control the swim current according to ability, for a more tailored swim.
Hydropool resistance swim spas produce a current capable of reaching speeds of up to 10km per hour, which compares to the average of other brands of just 6.5km per hour. This means that even the most advanced swimmers will find these resistance swim spas advantageous. The current can also be fully controlled in line with individual ability, and with the AquaPro model, it is possible to pre-set interval training programmes that automatically adjust the speed of the current to change up the workout.
Resistance swim spas have a built in current system, which means you are effectively swimming on the spot rather than swimming long laps of a pool. Swim spas therefore take up less room than a traditional swimming pool, so can prove the better option if you are short on space.

With resistance swim spas, you can take regular swims and practise your stroke just like with a resistance swimming pool. But by way of added value, resistance swim spaces can also be used for relaxing and socialising, just like a hot tub. In other words, they provide the best of both worlds. The adjustable temperature controls of Hydropool resistance swim spas and spa pools means you can set a lower temperature for swimming, then switch to a higher one for the hot tub setting, as well as taking advantage of the hydro water jets for a relaxing massage.
Swim spa insulation is very important. Without good insulation, the spa can lose heat, which could increase running costs. The Hydropool brand of resistance swim spas features a dual layer of Therma Shield insulation. The first layer protects the shell of the spa and maintains the heat inside, whilst the second layer prevents heat escaping from the outer cabinet and shell, which means the plumbing elements are protected during the winter.
It is important to think about how much time you will spend maintaining your resistance swim spa. Filtration is an important feature to consider. Whilst some spas feature a regular hot tub filtration system, Hydropool models use patented self-cleaning technology.

This means that you won’t have to use so many chemicals to keep the water in your resistance swim spa clear. The technology cleans 100 per cent of the water in the spa every 15 minutes. Plus there’s an automated chemical feeder that keeps your spa safe to use without you having to worry about it yourself.
You are very welcome to arrange an appointment to view, sit in and try out our hot tub and resistance swim spa range at our purpose-built indoor showroom in Addlestone. There is no obligation and no pressure to buy. We offer changing facilities, and all of our test models, including two swim spas, are located indoors for your convenience and privacy.
We offer a range of competitive finance options for your resistance swim spa purchase. A member of our team will explain everything on offer when you visit our showroom. Terms range from 12 to 120 months, subject to status. Our most popular option allows you to pay a small deposit with the balance payable within 9 months, interest-free. All finance options are subject to status.
A 10-year guarantee is offered on all our hot tubs and resistance swim spas. All products are crafted in Canada by some of the world’s most skilled engineers, using the highest quality components and materials together with the most efficient insulation technology, so you can rest assured our products are the best value swim spas in the market and you’ll be able to enjoy your hot tub for many years to come.
Planning permission is not normally required for items of a relocatable or temporary nature like swim spa or hot tub. If you live in an area of outstanding natural beauty, listed property, or a Conservation Area, you should check with your local council before installing your pool or spa in-ground, but if you are looking to place either of these on the surface (above ground) then planning permission would not be required.
To install your swim spa, you only need to worry about three things:

1. A solid, smooth, level base to stand it on
2. Power supply
3. A hosepipe to fill it up

If you plan to sink the swim spa, there will be the added consideration of access on one or more sides for servicing, plus suitable drainage in the pit to remove overspill water or torrential rain. It’s recommended that you speak to your supplier for advice prior to making the decision to sink it into the ground and always request an installation guide, which should include specific advice on the resistance swim spa model you have purchased. The experience of the supplier is always a valuable asset.
A spa pool is really just another name for a hot tub. They should not be confused with swim spas, which use powerful jets to allow you to practise swimming in a small pool. Spa pools are used for relaxing rather than swimming.
We recommend that you completely drain your Hydro swim spa every six months with normal use, and certainly once a year at the very minimum. With heavy use, you may want to drain it more frequently.
Our swim spas come in several sizes, but both large swim spas and smaller ones have the same depth of 52.75 inches, or 133.99 cm. This provides plenty of depth to practice swimming any stroke without touching the floor.
We provide some of the highest quality swim spas on the market, and with good care, you can expect your Hydro swim spa to last about 20 years or more. Don’t forget that we also have a 10-year guarantee for your complete peace of mind.
First, make sure you only use your filter for the time specified, which is usually a few years. If you are cleaning the filter more frequently than you should, the water is cloudy, you are noticing ​​algae growth or there is a bad smell, it could also be time to change the filter.
Ozone is a gas that is a powerful oxidant and is used to clean spa pools. It destroys microbes, breaks down chemicals and makes it easier for the filter to remove dissolved solids.

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