Cabana 2500L

Cabana 2500L

4 Person | From £7,245

This 4 person hot tub with a full-body lounge has 25 adjustable jets that target shoulders, back muscles and feet for a massaging hydrotherapy experience.

Enjoy the comfort pillow headrests to enhance your relaxation. For entertaining or unwinding, the Fountain with Back-lit LED Light and 8 exterior cabinet lights allow you to set the perfect mood.

Syncrylic™ is proprietary formula designed to be lighter and more durable than standard acrylic. Syncrylic™ was created to offer the best of both worlds, having the beautiful appearance of acrylic while maintaining the tough, impact-resistant qualities of polyethylene.

Seating: 4 Person
Outer Dimensions:
80” x 80” x 34” / 203cm x 203cm x 86cm *
Volume: 314 US Gallons / 1188 Litres
Weight Full: 416lbs / 189kg

* +/- tolerance of 1/4″


Shell Options

  • Pure White

Cabinet Options

  • Driftwood Dura
Finance Options Available

Hydropool have dedicated over 35 years to perfecting the science behind the hydrotherapy and have custom crafted each Hot Tub to provide a balanced and soothing massage.

Here at Hydropool Surrey, you can view our beautiful indoor showroom and explore our innovative self cleaning Hot Tub collection first hand. Changing facilities are available so you can try our swim spas and hot tubs.