Small Garden Pool Ideas

7th September 2021

Have you dreamed of having a swimming pool in your garden, but felt daunted by the sheer size of the project? Whether you have a small garden, or simply don’t want a pool to completely take over your outside space, we have some clever small pools for small gardens ideas right here to help you achieve your dream, without compromise.

Small pools for small gardens

Got your heart set on a pool for your garden, but need to keep it small? Check out these clever small garden pool ideas to help you achieve the small pool your garden deserves.

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Swim spas

A swim spa is a fantastic space-saving idea for your small garden. Swim spas are much smaller than a regular swimming pool, making them a great small pool for garden option. The fact that you can swim as far as you like every day without actually travelling any real distance makes them ideal for training, stroke perfecting and fitness.

Swim spas work courtesy of a built-in current system that allows you to swim on the spot. What’s more, the heating of swim spas means you can enjoy an outdoor swim year-round. And even better, the swim spa doubles as a home hot tub too, with hydro water jets providing a relaxing massage, ideal for your post-swim warm-down.

Whether your garden is laid to lawn, decking or has a patio, swim spas can fit in with any garden landscaping, making them brilliantly versatile.

Swim Spa

Plunge pools

A plunge pool is another clever idea for installing a pool for your garden. This is a deep yet contained pool. They are usually used just for sitting in and cooling down, rather than swimming, so if that is your objective, this could be your solution.

The size of plunge pools makes them an excellent choice as small pools for small gardens. But if you’re looking for something that allows you to exercise, you may be limited to a spot of water aerobics with this option!

Sunken mini pool

A small round pool sunken into the garden is an option when considering small pools for small gardens. Whilst their size might fit the bill, the circular shape can be awkward, as you lose space from your garden around the edges, and they tend to take over the centre of your outside space.

Small round pools might be great for socialising with friends and family on warmer days, but there’s no opportunity for swimming, and usually they won’t be heated either, so you’ll be limited to summer use only.

Above ground pool

Above ground inflatable or framed pools have been popular options for children and adults recently.

Rather like a giant paddling pool, these pools are fun to socialise in, but there’s little chance of exercising or practising your swimming stroke due to the limited space.

Available from around eight feet upwards, the bigger pools can still take up a lot of space and need regular maintenance with chemicals and filters to keep them clean. They can be put up and used for fairly long periods, but need regular changes of water. The sheer weight of these pools can also cause damage to grass if placed on a lawn.

Looking for a small swimming pools for your small gardens? Why not get a swim spa instead?

If you’re looking for an alternative to a swimming pool for your small garden, give a swim spa from Hydropool Surrey a try. Not only are swim spas smaller than regular pools, they are heated and can double-up as a hot tub, and the Hydropool Surrey resistance swim spas from all have a self-cleaning technology making them energy efficient.

To find out more about swim spas and hot tubs in small gardens, please feel free to contact us or make an appointment to try one out for yourself at our purpose built showroom in Addlestone, Surrey.

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