Smart Pod

The intelligent new way to monitor your spa water - never buy a test strip again!

SMART POD intelligent water care

SmartPod™ uses cutting-edge technology to keep a constant eye on your spa water, providing real-time updates to your phone no matter where you are! It examines various water factors and forecasts how they might affect your spa water. Say goodbye to the uncertainty of spa maintenance with SmartPod™.

Smart Yet Simple Water Care

SmartPod is always there, keeping a close watch on your spa water around the clock. It constantly checks various water factors and predicts how they might affect your spa water. With SmartPod, you don’t have to guess or worry about spa maintenance – it provides you with tailored recommendations.

You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that SmartPod handles the complexities of maintaining the right balance in pH, sanitization, salt levels, and water quality for you. It’s smart yet simple water care at your fingertips.

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Why use Smart Pod?

If you have found yourself struggling to manage the perpetually changing conditions of your spa water, then maybe it’s time to let SmartPod do the hard work for you. Smart Pod is designed to continually monitor a number of water and weather parameters, ensuring that you are given an accurate understanding of your water quality at any time. The pod unit that floats in your spa will send data to your app, your app will then provide you with analysis and recommendations on how to best optimise your water quality.

Customers have found that the Smart Pod enables them to use their chemicals in a much more efficient way.

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How to Setup Your Smart Pod