Using a Hot Tub Before and After a Workout

24th May 2021

When you exercise regularly, your body is in a constant cycle of regeneration. Working out puts stress on muscles and joints, but thankfully there are ways to ease that stress so that muscle soreness and fatigue don’t get in the way of your regime and you can get on and enjoy an active lifestyle. One such solution is using a hot tub before and after a workout.

A soak in a home hot tub helps to energise you ahead of a workout, and relax you and promote recovery afterwards. If you can weave in even just a 10-minute soak either side of your workout, not only will you find it easier to reach your fitness goals, you could also boost your competitive edge too.

Hot tub after workout

What are the benefits of a hot tub before and after exercise?

Hydrotherapy offers a number of benefits, and there are specific advantages around exercise, including preparing ahead of a workout, and recovering afterwards.

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Increases circulation

Spending time in a hot tub increases circulation. As you exercise, your body becomes stressed. Healthy blood flow is vital for delivering oxygen to the muscles, which can reduce tension. Immersing in warm water helps to improve circulation by dilating the blood vessels, which is why a stint in the tub ahead of starting your workout can be beneficial. Combine this with a good stretch and you will be well-prepared and ready to avoid injury and get the most out of your workout.

Supports stretching

A hot tub session can support stretching. When you stretch before a workout, you reduce your risk of injury. And when you stretch afterwards, you relax and lengthen your stressed muscles, which helps to promote recovery. Stretching in a hot tub is beneficial because the buoyancy takes the gravitational pressure off the muscles and joints. What’s more, the warmth and pressure of the water can actually help to deepen the stretches.

Enhances motivation

A soak in a hot tub can help you focus by helping you relax. Anxiety is reduced and concentration is enhanced. There is evidence to suggest that by limiting distractions, relaxation techniques can considerably improve competitive performance, pulling your focus in to where it’s needed most.

Burns calories

Even when you are resting, soaking in a hot tub can speed up calorie burn. It acts as the ideal partner to active exercise, helping to prepare your body for activity. Some people choose to start exercising whilst in the tub. Jogging under water or practising some gentle yoga moves are great ways to begin a workout. The buoyancy and resistance provided by the water offer a low-impact way to exercise, especially for those who find regular exercise too much for their joints, or when a recovery day is needed between intense workouts.

Relieves stress

Soaking in a hot tub is known to relieve mental, emotional and physical stress. A pre-workout hot bath can help you forget your troubles and get you ready for your workout. And soaking in a hot tub after a workout can help dissipate the stress on the muscles and joints caused by exercise.

Promotes recovery

A hot tub soak after exercise can reduce inflammation and swelling. The warmth and pressure of the water is very effective in this respect, and spa massage jets can further enhance how this works, especially if you do a full circuit of the tub, focusing on each muscle group individually. This high level of muscle tension relief promotes the recovery process and helps the body prepare for the next workout.

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