What is it Like Swimming in a Swim Spa?

22nd January 2024

Swim spas are an increasingly popular way of exercising at home.  

Through an array of jets, you can swim to your heart’s content without ever reaching the end of the pool or bumping into other swimmers sharing your lane.  

A swim spa is an innovative and versatile replacement for a swimming pool, but there is a question our team here at Hydropool Surrey often get asked. 

Just what is it like swimming in a swim spa? 

Well, we’ve created this blog to help provide the answer, so let’s take a look. 

Understanding Swim Spas

Swim spas are a great solution to your exercise needs, providing unbounded space to swim in but with a much smaller footprint than a traditional swimming pool. They offer the best of both worlds, as well as many other benefits.  

They are compact pools that come equipped with powerful jets that create a steady stream of water.  

This current allows you to swim in place, essentially providing an endless swimming lane.  

From people competing in swimming races to beginners trying to master their strokes, a swim spa is a great tool to have at your disposal. 

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The Sensation of Swimming in a Swim Spa

Swimming in a swim spa is a unique experience.  

The sensation of moving against a constant current challenges your body in a different way compared to a traditional pool.  

Whereas in a traditional pool you go at your own pace, with little resistance against your forward movements, a swim spa provides a bit more pushback 

Like a running treadmill, if you’re not moving forwards, you’re going backwards.  

The water flow from the jets provides resistance, which can be adjusted according to your swimming ability and goals. This resistance swimming not only enhances strength and endurance but also ensures a more focused workout, as you remain stationary in the water. 

The treadmill reference mentioned above is a good one to consider. Like comparing treadmill running to road running, it can feel different.  

Another aspect to consider is the movement of the water. Whereas a swimming pool is often still, with minimal movement if any, a swim spa has more flow. It is much more similar to an open body of water like a lake. 

This means that you may have to work a little harder to maintain balance, which is always great for engaging your core. 

And finally, there is no stopping or distractions in a swim spa. As long as you can keep going, the water will keep flowing. There is no-one moving slowly in your lane or time limits.  

This means you can swim to your heart’s content and always get a fulfilling workout done. 

Can You Swim Properly in a Swim Spa?

One of the most common questions about swim spas is whether they allow for proper swimming.  

The answer is a resounding yes.  

The key lies in the adjustable current. Swim spas can cater to various swimming styles, from a gentle breaststroke to a vigorous butterfly. It is simply about finding the right setting and then enjoying your swim at your own pace.  

A common misconception is that a swim spa always has a strong current to swim against. Whilst this is possible for advanced swimmers, there are settings that allow for more relaxed swimming if you just want a low-intensity workout. 

Advanced models offer different current strengths and patterns as well that mimic the feel of open-water swimming as mentioned above.  

For professional swimmers, swim spas serve as an excellent training tool, allowing for technique refinement and endurance building. 

They are also great for beginners looking to build up their skillset and get used to being in the water. 

Swim Spas

Benefits of Swimming in a Swim Spa

Swimming in a swim spa comes with a plethora of benefits 

Firstly, it’s a fantastic way to stay fit. The resistance from the water current provides a full-body workout, enhancing muscle strength and cardiovascular health.  

Swimming in a swim spa, especially at a high level, is hard work, but it is a great workout, really engaging most of the muscles in your body and allowing you to finetune your skills. 

Despite the high intensity, it’s a low-impact exercise, making it ideal for those with joint issues or for rehabilitation purposes.  

Swim Spa Models and Features

Answering the question of what it is like to swim in a swim spa is tough as there are so many different products available.  

For example, if you’re looking for a smooth swimming experience, the 17AX AquaTrainer is a great choice thanks to its adjustable V Twin jets.  

The 19 Executive Trainer offers a fantastically smooth swim with the addition of a Current Collector that eliminates the reflective wave and prevents turbulence.  Combined with the V-Twin Jets, this produces a powerful and predictable swim which is perfect for advanced swimmers.

A swim spa should be as smooth as possible, and it is features such as Aquastream Jets backed up by new Dual Performance Flow Intakes (such as in our 14AX AquaTrainer) that really help to provide this. 

Size is another consideration; larger models provide more space for movement which can make your swim feel freer and more open, but smaller ones are available for really focused workouts. 

When choosing a swim spa, consider how you plan to use it to ensure you get the model that best suits your needs, and if you’re unsure of which one that is, a member of our team would be glad to help. We recommend trying the swim spas to ensure you get the product that best suits your needs. You can book our indoor showroom for a private appointment so you can try them out for yourself. 

Tips for Maximising Your Swim Spa Experience

To make the most of your swim spa swimming experience, here are five quick tips: 

  • Understand the Swim Spa Features: Familiarise yourself with the swim spa’s jet strength, current patterns, and temperature controls. Knowing how to adjust these settings allows you to create a customised swimming environment suited to your preferences and goals. 
  • Incorporate Various Swim Strokes and Techniques: Utilise different swim strokes to target various muscle groups and enhance your overall fitness. Alternating between strokes like freestyle, breaststroke, and backstroke can keep your workouts interesting and challenging. This also makes your swimming sessions more dynamic and entertaining. 
  • Include Rest and Recovery: Just as with any exercise regimen, include time for rest and recovery. Use the spa’s warm water and jet settings for a soothing hydrotherapy session, aiding muscle recovery and relaxation. 
  • Maintain Optimal Water Quality: Regularly test and adjust the water chemistry to ensure a clean and safe swimming environment. Proper maintenance of filters and regular cleaning are essential for the best experience. 
  • Adjust the Temperature: Depending on your activity, adjust the water temperature. Cooler water might be more invigorating for intense workouts, while warmer temperatures are ideal for slower sessions (and colder days). 

Indoor swim spa with a stone exterior, surrounded by a wooden deck and several lounge chairs, and a scenic view of trees and mountains in the background

Swim Spas from Hydropool Surrey

Swimming in a swim spa is an experience like no other.  

It combines the benefits of traditional swimming with the luxury and convenience of modern technology. Whether you’re a seasoned swimmer or just starting, a swim spa offers a versatile, year-round space for exercise, relaxation, and fun.  

Curious to experience the unique sensation of swimming in a swim spa?  

Visit our showroom or speak to a member of our team today who can help highlight the perfect product for you.