What to Look for in a Massage Hot Tub

7th April 2021

For many, a hot tub is all about health benefits. The ultimate hydro-massage experience comes courtesy of a combination of warmth, buoyancy and, importantly, massage. This special blend has the power to relieve muscle and joint tension, ease aches and pains, reduce anxiety and stress, and induce full body relaxation. The question is, when health benefits mean everything, what to look for in a massage hot tub?

Hot tub massage

When it comes to home spas, there are three key factors that combine to deliver health benefits. Firstly, warmth increases body temperature, which in turn boosts the circulation. Secondly, the buoyancy of the water reduces body weight by up to 90 per cent, which can relieve pressure on muscles and joints. And lastly, massage relaxes the body, easing tension in muscles and joints, which can alleviate aches and pains, and lessen anxiety and stress.

Hot tub massage quality can vary. It is determined by the degree to which the massage jets can be controlled and customised.

If you are serious about hydrotherapy, then you will need to look for a hot tub that is specifically designed with massage jets that can be adjusted so that you can choose between a powerful, deeply penetrating massage, or a more soothing massage. Hot tubs with versatile jets and precision controls will always provide you with the best results for your own individual needs.

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What to look for in massage hot tubs?

When you’re in the market for a high quality massage hot tub, there are certain things you will need to look for.

Various-sized massage jets

A hot tub that is designed with all the same size jets will not deliver anywhere near the benefits of a tub that has jets of varying diameters. Water pressure is determined by the diameter of the jet it flows through, and for the ultimate massage, you will need a variety of pressures. So, be sure to look for a hot tub with a range of jet sizes.

Adjustable jets

If you can aim your hot tub massage jets right into those problem areas, all the better. Some massage spas will leave out the feet, hands and arms because it isn’t possible to direct the jets anywhere other than the back. Being able to tailor your hot tub massage to deal with your particular issues makes all the difference.

Jet action

For a more rounded massage, it is best to look for a home spa that offers a range of jet actions. As well as direct force jets, you are going to want rotating or sweeping action. This can target a broad area, and is ideal for easing everyday aches and pains and for helping to induce a feeling of relaxation.

Pump power

The more powerful the pump, the firmer the massage you will enjoy. Hot tub massage jets needs to be powerful enough to penetrate deeply into the muscle for best effect.

Serenity Massage Hot Tubs from Hydropool Surrey

Hydropool has been perfecting the design of the Serenity massage hot tub for 35 years.

Serenity hot tub jets are strategically designed and placed, allowing the user to focus the massage on a specific area of the body. Select a specific wellness programme from the automated panel, and adjust the focus to treat issues such as back pain, leg pain and stress.

At Hydropool Surrey, we have been renowned for our expertise in hot tubs for over three decades. Our Serenity range of therapeutic massage hot tubs is one of our most popular choices. Why not try one for yourself? Book your appointment at our purpose-built hot tub showroom in Addlestone, Surrey, and get ready to try the benefits of hot tub massage for yourself in a warm and comfortable private setting.

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