What’s the Ideal Temperature for a Home Hot Tub?

11th January 2021

It’s a common question: what temperature should a hot tub be? How hot should you set up your hot tub when it’s in use?

It’s a good question too, because there are actually a fair few things to consider when setting the temperature for your home hot tub. Here our experts discuss the topic in detail, and hopefully by the end you’ll have a much better idea of the ideal temperature for your spa.

Hot tub temperature

Factors to consider when setting your home hot tub temperature

The temperature range of your hot tub, body temperature, ambient temperature and any health conditions all need to be factored in when setting the temperature of your home spa. Let’s break it down.

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Hot tub temperature range

Different models of hot tub offer different temperature range settings. Generally these will be in the region of 26 degrees to 40 degrees Celsius.

The minimum hot tub temperature of 26 degrees Celsius and the lower end of the spectrum would usually only be suitable for the warmest weather conditions, such as in the height of summer when you are looking to make use of the tub to cool down in the heat of the sun.

40 degrees though could well be too hot for many. A good balance, if you are looking for warm but not hot, is around 37 degrees. But ultimately, just like with a bath or shower, the decision is yours.

Hot tub temperature and body temperature

Average body temperature sits in the region of 37 degrees Celsius. Water temperatures that are lower than this will generally feel chilly.

Whilst this can be a good thing when you are looking to cool down, if you want to maintain a comfortable temperature, or indeed warm up, then two or three degrees above body temperature should feel just about right. That roughly comes to an average hot tub temperature of 39-40 degrees Celsius.

Do bear in mind that the water will start to cool down once you take the hot tub cover off, so you may want to start with a slightly higher temperature to begin with.

Hot tub temperature and health

You may well have purchased your home spa for health reasons. It could be that you want to boost your well-being, or enjoy a spot of relaxing hydrotherapy to ease muscle strain.

It is important however to take care when using a hot tub, especially if you are pregnant. Excessive heat and long soaks should be avoided during pregnancy, as there is a higher risk of overheating which can be harmful to the developing baby, especially during the earlier weeks.

Always talk to your healthcare adviser before using a hot tub if you are pregnant or have a health condition. The general advice during pregnancy, if your healthcare adviser is OK with you using a hot tub, is to stick to a lower water temperature and limit your time bathing to no more than 10 minutes.

Always have another adult with you, and if you start to feel uncomfortable or unwell, be sure to very carefully leave the tub immediately.

It is not advisable for children under the age of five years to use a hot tub that is set at a temperature higher than 35 degrees Celsius as they are at a higher risk of overheating, and they must never stay in the tub for more than five to ten minutes at a time. Naturally children should be supervised when using a home spa.

Finally, when using a hot tub in winter, be mindful of the risk of hypothermia symptoms. Never soak for too long in colder conditions, and have dry towels and bathrobes on hand for when you emerge.

What’s the Ideal Temperature for a Home Hot Tub?

Useful advice on heating a hot tub

If you are planning on using your hot tub and have a specific temperature in mind that you want it set at, then you will need to be prepared to wait around one hour for every degree you want to raise it. So think ahead!

If you are having trouble reducing the temperature of your hot tub, something that can happen when the ambient temperature is soaring, you may need to drain some of the water and replace it with cold water.

Lastly, if you are planning on not using your outdoor spa for a while, perhaps because you are going away, then it is well worth reducing the jacuzzi temperature to save money on heating bills and also to reduce chemical consumption.

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