Where Is the Best Place to Put a Swim Spa?

7th May 2024

Swim spas are a fantastic addition to any home, providing a place to swim without the need for long lanes and a huge footprint.  

Whether you’re looking for intense aquatic workouts or a gentler swim, a swim spa can provide the perfect environment. 

Here at Hydropool Surrey, we have many customers walk through the doors of our showroom and they all leave amazed at what these appliances can do.  

But one question often lingers in their mind. Where would they put it? 

While a key benefit of a swim spa is how compact it is, working out the best placement for it can be a tricky choice. 

In this blog, we’re going to provide some advice that will hopefully help you make that decision. 

Let’s take a look. 

Considerations Before Installation

Before deciding where to place your swim spa, consider several key factors that will affect its usability and maintenance: 

  • Space Requirements: Swim spas require space not just for the unit, but also for decking or steps and equipment access. Ensure there’s enough room for installation and comfortable use. This doesn’t need to be a huge area, but just space for the appliance itself and the equipment that surrounds it. 


  • Access: Easy access is crucial for regular use and maintenance. Think about the path to your spa — is it accessible in all weathers or do you need to find a different location?  


  • Sunlight and Shade: While sunlight can help keep the water warm and make the area inviting, too much direct exposure can lead to quick water evaporation and discomfort during hot days. Some shade or a retractable cover can offer balance. 


  • Privacy: Consider how exposed the area is to neighbours’ views. Strategic placement or landscaping can enhance privacy if you would like to use your swim spa without the fear of being overlooked. 


  • Wind Exposure: A windy location can cool the water faster and make the area around the spa uncomfortable. Look for a sheltered spot or use privacy screens and fencing to block the wind. On a colder day, you can really feel a chilly wind when stepping out of your spa. 

Indoor swim spa with a stone exterior, surrounded by a wooden deck and several lounge chairs, and a scenic view of trees and mountains in the background

Strategic Placement Options

Choosing the right spot for your swim spa can be as important as choosing the spa itself. We have delved into past projects and picked out some areas that we regularly see are popular with customers. 


If you’re looking for the space in which you probably have the most room to play with, then your back garden is your best bet.  

This is the most common location for a swim spa as it offers plenty of convenience and privacy.  

A garden is ideal as you also get the joy of exercising outside, which is especially fun in summer.  

If it can be seen from inside the house, this also adds to your home’s aesthetic appeal. 

Patio or Decking

Integrating a swim spa into your patio or decking area makes it a central part of your entertainment space.  

Make sure your deck can support the weight, especially when the spa is filled. 

This makes access really convenient, as you can step straight onto this area from your property, and when using non-slip materials it is easy to reach in any weather. 

This also makes a great design feature, especially when the swim spa is sunken into your decking.  

Inside Your Property

A choice that is also popular is installing a swim spa inside.  

While this can be tricker due to space limitations, there are plenty of benefits to this approach, including the fact that it ensures privacy and allows for year-round use regardless of the weather.  

While you do need to consider ventilation and humidity, having this installed inside adds an exciting element to your home, and because swim spas are so compact, it doesn’t need a huge room to fit in nicely with plenty of space to manoeuvre around it.  

Technical Considerations

While a lot that we have touched on so far has been based on aesthetics and space, you should also consider the technical aspects of swim spa installation. These include: 

  • Foundation and Flooring: A solid, level and smooth base is critical to support the considerable weight of a filled swim spa. Concrete pads are typically recommended. If you are lowering your spa so it is level with the ground, this can be a big job, and professional help will be required. 


  • Electrical Access: Proximity to a power source is essential for operating the heating and jet systems. All electrical installations should comply with local safety regulations. This is an important consideration, especially when the spa is being installed outside. 


  • Drainage: Adequate drainage is important to handle overflow and facilitate water changes. Ensure there’s an appropriate drainage system in place to avoid flooding and water damage.  

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Aesthetic Considerations for Swim Spa Installation

Creating an inviting environment around your swim spa can enhance your enjoyment of it. While it is a place for exercise, this still has an effect and can be a nice morale boost pre and post-workout.  

If you can, try and integrate your swim spa with the surrounding environment. It can make a great focal point for your garden design if utilised correctly, and this is something to consider when choosing your placement.  

Also, consider the view from your swim spa. If you love performing breaststroke, for example, you may be spending a good bit of time looking forward and having something exciting to look at can help you get through your exercise routine. 

Legal and Safety Considerations

Before installation, familiarise yourself with any legal constraints and prioritise safety. 

This includes if planning permission is required (it shouldn’t be but check about any surrounding structures) and other building regulations. 

You should also consider the safety of people and pets in your home.  

If you have children or animals living with you, then consider installing barriers or covers to protect them from falling in.  

Swim Spas from Hydropool Surrey

The location of your swim spa can make a huge difference in how much you enjoy it.  

By considering both practical and aesthetic factors, you can find the perfect spot. If you’re unsure of how to do this or want some advice on just how to install a swim spa on your property, then why not get in touch with our team today 

We can talk you through not just the swim spa itself, but how we can integrate it into your home, providing the perfect location for you to exercise and enjoy your swim spa.