Why You Need A Self-Cleaning Hot Tub

16th January 2020

Hot tubs are an excellent purchase to make and can actually be considered a smart investment, because of the various social and health benefits that come with them. However, when it comes to choosing the right hot tub, this can be very confusing because of the various hot tub brands, models and options that you need to research beforehand. Every model you come across promises different specifications, a level of quality and a price – which are all factors which entice you to buy.

Here at Hydropool Surrey, we will always recommend that you decide upon a self-cleaning hot tub, which has a whole array of benefits for you to take advantage of. We always want our customers to get the best product which suits their property, lifestyle and budget, which is why we are going to be discussing some of the main reasons why you need a self-cleaning hot tub in winter.

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Low maintenance

One of the huge worries that people have about purchasing a hot tub is the thought that the cleaning maintenance would take over their life.

Bad news is there’s no such thing as no maintenance hot tub.

Good news? Easy to maintain hot tubs exist.

By purchasing a self-cleaning hot tub, the pressurised filtration and cleaning systems will filter and clean 100% of your water in only 15 minutes – completely utilising latest technologies with the best environmental practices. This makes them one of the easiest hot tubs to maintain.

Each of the filters is also easy to locate and rinse, as the hot tub pump has a quick drain system meaning you can swiftly and effortlessly empty and replace the water. This low maintenance hot tub model will put all your worries to bed.

Saves you money

The Hydropool self-cleaning hot tubs are incredibly efficient, as every model is insulated to the highest standard, using Hydropool’s exclusive Hydrowise Thermal Shield Technology. The excellent efficiency of the hot tub means that you will have greatly reduced running times which reduces the running costs significantly, lower energy costs, fewer chemicals required as the water is cleaned.

Over time, you will have also saved money that you would otherwise have had to spend on additional chemicals and time spent cleaning.

Clean and safe water

When purchasing hot tubs, many people have worries about hygiene, because if they are not treated properly or cleaned regularly, bacteria in the water can present health risks to users. However, with a Hydropool self-cleaning hot tub, the water is replaced every 15 minutes which helps to ensure the cleanest possible environment for the user.

Relaxation time

Owning a hot tub provides individuals, and whole families alike, the opportunity to relax and recuperate – forgetting the troublesome stresses of modern life. Soaking in your tub will regularly become part of your routine, allowing you to unwind, increase circulation and blood flow, relax muscles, and ease any pain.

Having a new self-maintaining hot tub throughout the winter months will definitely help you alleviate stress and enhance your sense of well-being, so it’s 100% worth the investment.

How can I purchase a Hydropool Self-Cleaning Hot Tub? 

Here at Hydropool Surrey, we are a devoted, family-run business who are responsible for introducing the world-renowned Hydropool brand from Canada to the UK back in 1996.

In our showroom, we have a variety of different hot tubs for you to choose from including a range of easy to maintain hot tubs, as we always want our customers to get the best product that meets their specific requirements.

If you would like any information regarding the products we have available, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our exceptional customer service team. You can also view and try our self-cleaning hot tubs in our extensive purpose-built indoor showroom, a pressure-free environment without any obligation to make a purchase.

Discover Hydropool's Self-Cleaning Technology

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