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AquaSport & AquaTrainer Swim Spas – the ideal solution for both fitness and fun alike.

AquaSport Swim Spas - for the everyday athelete

The AquaSport Swim Spa is the ideal universal aquatic gym. This unit has a generous streamlined swim tank area and a flat ergonomically-designed anti-slip floor that allows for a variety of fitness exercises. Plus you can create the perfect training environment through personalised water temperature settings. The intensity of your workout is controlled by the speed of your movements and the velocity of the current.

AquaTrainer Swim Spas – for the perfect swim

AquaTrainer Swim Spas by Hydropool Surrey provide you with the perfect way to swim every day from the comfort of your own home. Imagine never having to turn, touch or push off from any wall. Imagine being able to swim consistently until you’re ready to end your session. Our swim current gives you the ability to focus on your stroke technique and enjoy the fluidity of the swim current adjusted to your personal swim level.

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