How to Safely Get In and Out of a Swim Spa

7th May 2024

Swim spas are an efficient way of adding an aquatic exercise hub to your property.  

Whether inside your home or placed in your garden, these are compact appliances that allow you to swim in place, removing the need for lengthy lanes or long commutes to local pools.  

However, as with any aquatic environment, ensuring safety is paramount to enjoy its benefits worry-free.  

This is especially important in a home setting, where you may be alone and without the assistance of lifeguards. 

Whether you’re a new swim spa owner or a seasoned user, understanding the right ways to enter and exit your spa is essential.  

Here at Hydropool Surrey, we want everyone to enjoy their swim spa safely and to its maximum potential, and we’ve created this guide on entering and exiting the water to help you do just that. 

Let’s take a look. 

Understanding Your Swim Spa

Swim spas come in various forms, ranging from in-ground models that blend seamlessly with your garden landscape to portable above-ground units that can be installed on your deck or patio. 

Each type has unique features and can come with steps, varying depths, and even a hot tub attached. 

Understanding your model is crucial when planning safe entry and exit strategies.  

Most are equipped with safety features like non-slip surfaces and handrails on steps to aid mobility, but familiarising yourself with your specific spa’s design will help you make the most of these features. 

Preparing to Use Your Swim Spa

Safety begins long before you step foot in your swim spa.  

Start by ensuring the surrounding area is clear of debris and slip hazards. Use sandals or slippers to travel to your swim spa, especially if it is outside, as well as keeping warm with a dressing gown or something similar. 

Tools, toys, and even small garden equipment should be kept away from the spa edges to avoid injury.  

It’s also important to check that you’re physically prepared to use the spa. Avoid entering the spa if you feel overly fatigued, ill, or have consumed alcohol, as these conditions can impair your coordination and judgment. 

Before entering, check the water temperature. While our swim spas are brilliant at maintaining heat, you should always check anyway just in case of breakdown. 

Backyard with a rectangular swim spa installed on a wooden platform

Safe Entry into Your Swim Spa

When entering your swim spa, always use caution and take your time.  

If your spa is equipped with steps or a ladder, use these aids to your advantage. Hold onto any available handrails to keep your balance as you step in.  

If your spa is above ground and requires you to climb, ensure your footing is secure and the steps are stable. 

It can be a good idea to keep a towel near your spa to wipe any steps so they aren’t slippy, although most do come with non-slip materials. 

Many of our swim spas are installed into the ground, and if this is the case, then you should slowly lower yourself into the water. Make sure the jets aren’t on fully as this could cause you to lose your balance whilst doing this. 

For those with mobility issues or the elderly, consider installing additional handrails or using a swivel seat designed for easier access.  

These tools can provide the extra support needed to enter and exit safely. 

Enjoying Your Time in the Swim Spa

Once you’re comfortably inside, it’s important to continue practising safety.  

Keep hydrated, especially if using the spa for extended periods or in very warm temperatures.  

Be mindful of how your body feels; exit the water if you start feeling dizzy, nauseated, or overly tired. 

Exiting Your Swim Spa Safely

Exiting your swim spa should be done with the same caution as entering.  

Reverse the steps you took to enter, using handrails and steps for support if available. Take extra care if you feel light-headed or if your legs feel weak after a period of exercise.  

If you have an in-ground swim spa, then push yourself up out of it, turning your body into a sitting position and then standing up.  

The ground will be wet where you are, so take caution not to slip. 

Once out, ensure you have a secure place to stand or sit as you dry off. Slip-resistant mats can provide additional safety against wet surfaces. 

Have something nearby that you can wrap around yourself if the weather outside is cold, as this can be a shock after leaving the warm water. 

Man swimming in hot tub

Swim Spa Maintenance for Safety

Regular maintenance is not just about keeping your swim spa clean and operational; it’s about keeping it safe.  

Regularly inspect and clean non-slip surfaces, check handrails for stability, and ensure steps are secure.  

The last thing you want is to be standing on a step that is loose as this can lead to injury.  

Swim Spas from Hydropool Surrey

Safely using your swim spa is crucial for maximising enjoyment and minimising risk.  

By following these simple steps and maintaining awareness of your environment and physical condition, you can enjoy the fitness benefits of your swim spa without worry. 

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